Kalibendo Plantation, Banyuwangi, East Java

Kalibendo Plantatios is situated 25 KM from Banyuwangi city, notably on the main road to/fro Ijen. On the way to the plantation, visitors pass nice scenery with rubber, coffee and croves as the main comodity of the region. The temperature is mild, offer a relax and refreshing outing for locals to spend their weekend.

The location is isolated enough, moreover in the Dutch occupation era as written by Pieter R. Wiederhold in his autobiography, The Soul Conquers. His father was in charge as plantation manager in 1931. To distribute the crops to Banyuwangi, horse cart (local: cikar) was used.

Coffee from Kalibendo is known for its well-processed for its low acidity and high degree of body.

There is a waterfall in the midst of the Plantation, can be an option to stroll in this area. The water is cold and clear when visitors can just soak feet or bath. Also a history remain from colonial era also can be found here. An old office in Dutch occupations