Whispering Savannah Bromo, East Java

There is a pristine quiet place, a savannah located on the other side of Mt Bromo. Unlike area of Bromo Caldera, the savannah, as its name is green with bush and grasses, especially on rainy season.

Not only on the sea of sand but also on the slope of Mt Kursi and the cliff of the caldera offer green scenery. As it is overgrown by grasses, Tenggerese gather grass from this area for their horses. Few go to this area by horse, bicycle or motorbike, but few are just go on foot.

As this Savannah is hidden, it is less touristic here.  You will meet local people carry grass by bamboo basket, or mountain climbers. To get to this Savanna, beside trekking of motorbike, visitor can hire jeep from Bromo Jeep Club.


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