Candi (Temple) Rimbi, Jombang, East Java

Candi Rimbi is located on the foot of Mt Anjasmoro, on the southeastern of Mojowarno District, Jombang, East Java. The temple location is surrounded by local farms. The temple ruins was found by Alfred Wallace in 19th century on his way to Wonosalam to find plants samples.

Candi Rimbi is a siva temple, as seen on the relief that depicts Tantri teachings on the foot of the temple. This temple was estimated to be built on the 14 century, to honor Tribuana Tunggadewi, that reigned Majapahit from 1329 to 1350. Two Parvati statuary was found here as the manifestation of Tribuana Tunggadewi, the statuary now displayed in Trowulan Museum and National Museum. Tribuana is the third king of Majapahit, when she was young she was named Sri Gitarja, the daughter of Raden Wijaya and Gayatri. In 1331, Gajahmada was inaugurated as the Mahapatih (Prime Minister) to replace Mpu Naga, for his service finishing Sadeng rebellion in Besuki.

Parvati /Uma is manifestation of Durga Mahisasuramardini is delineate a struggle to conquer Asura. Asura was a giant that disrupted the Kahyangan (where gods reside) by a bull (mahisa). Gods warriors could not stop him, so Parvati, the wife of Siva shift herself as Durga to defeat mahisa. Parvati is known as symbol of woman as she owns every good quality of woman, known as symbol of fertility and with Siva, they are depicted as yoni and lingga.

This temple faces East and there is no restoration to this temple yet. Made of Andesit, half of the temple body has been damaged and the roof has broken but the foot of the temple is still intact. The foot has two terraces.

The temple body is smaller than the foot base, that there is a hall that surrounds it. Most of the hallway has been damaged, only the southern part hallway can still be seen from underneath. On the foot temple or upper part of the temple is not seen any sculpture remains, but on the lower foot is decorated by reliefs of fabels. Relief was sculpted with basic technique (wayang style) that is very refine and beautiful, to read the relief prasawiya method is used from the morth. Prasawiya is reading clockwise.