Luweng Ombo Cave, Pacitan, East Java

Luweng Ombo is located in an arid hill in Klepu Village, Donorojo, pacitan, East Java. This cave is also known as vertical cave so exploring this cave will need vertical equipments such as rope, carabiner, descender, ascender and etc. The diameter of the cave mouth is 50 m, with solitude surrounding and breeze. The mouth looks like a mysterious vertical tunnel that brings to nowhere.

The cave depth is 107 meters down the surface. According to expeditions teams, there is no team that has explored the entire cave. Norman Edwin the first to explore this cave in 1981, the cave remains endless to be explored. This cave is recorded as the deepest vertical cave that reaches 125 meters and the total length of the tunnel is estimated to be 25 km though there is no caver ever mapped the entire cave.

Under the gigantic hole of Luweng Ombo is overgrown with green trees. To descend to the bottom of Luweng Ombo should be careful because as the previous cavers, they often got twisted by spinning rope when rigging. For this, cavers should use Single Rope Technique to descend ascend the shaft.