Bull Race (Karapan Sapi) Event October 23th 2011

President Cup Karapan Sapi for Madura Residency will be held on 23 October 2011 on Soenarto Hadiwidjojo Jalan Stadion Pamekasan. One day before the race, sapi sono contest will be held at Bakorwil Square IV Jalan Slamet Riyadi Pamekasan. Sapi Sono is an annual event in Madura Island, the winner of sapi sono is most beautifully decorated bull.

Each regency of Madura will send 6 couples of bulls to be contestant of this big event. Those six couples will race for 6 couples of winners are 3 the winners group and 3 the lost group. The lost group is the lost couples in the elimination race and then the lost couples should race to be the best among the lost couple to get the cup for the lost. The couples of bulls sent to the President Cup are the winners in each regency.
There will be traditional performances in this event to show that Madura is rich of cultures.