Lawa (Bat) Cave in Trenggalek, East Java, Indonesia

Lawa Cave is located in Watuagung, Watulimo, Trenggalek, East Java, and it is just 30 km from Trenggalek City and 180 KM from Surabaya. The access is good enough as it is on the same route to Prigi Beach of Kediri Regency.

In 20 Hectares area, this cave is located in other supporting facilities for visitors and teak forest. The region is hilly and rich of marble stones and onyx. To get to the mouth visitors should stroll along teak forest.

After strolling through passage in the middle of teak trees, a gigantic cave mouth is awaiting to be entered. The first room in the cave is tall roof room resemble like an atrium building with height of 40 to 50 meters and width of 50 meters. Amazing natural decoration is ornament the inner wall of this cave. Delving inside the tunnel like entering mysterious, amazing and work of nature. Along the way the sound of water flowing through the canals along the bottom of the cave. Water drops from the cave roof permeate from the ground surface. And the sound of flocks of bats is heard make a noise in the dark tunnel. Approaching the dusk countless of bats flocking inside the caves to outside to get food, as bats are nocturnal animals.

This cave has 9 main room and the total length of the cave tunnel is 2000 meters but only 800 meters that is easily accessed by the construction of paved passage. According to Dr. Robert K Kho and Gilbert Manthovani, cave expert persons, this cave was the prettiest cave in South East Asia with its beautiful stalactites and stalacmites that were formed hundred of years.

According to locals, this cave was found coincidentally by a man in the year of 1914 when he was looking for a convenient place to meditate, and found it next to a pool that by locals called Kedung Biru. This Kedung Biru is situated 600 meters from Lawa Cave and now this site still used as meditation site for few people. In his meditation, he was envision with a gigantic cave nearby his meditation site.