Gunung Raung : Where Wind Howls (Raung), East Java, Indonesia

Mr Raung is one of peaks of Mountains Ijen that has 6 peaks namely : Mt Suket (2950 m), Mt Pendil (2950 m), Mt Raung ( 3332 m), Mt Merapi (2800m) Mt Rante (2664 m ) and Kawah Ijen.
Mt Raung is a big and unique cone, and diverse from other mountain in Java. It has an elips caldera with the depth of 500 m, always smolders and frequently spout fire and there is a 100 m cone on this mountain. Mt Raung is an old mountain that is surrounded by smaller peaks that create a mesmerizing view.

Climbing Mt Raung is available via Bondowoso to Sumber Waringin Village usually climbers stay overnight in Pondok Motor before climbing 9 hours to get to the top. The route is started with 20 deg slope with trees overgrown the area. After 2 hours climbing or about 1300 to 1400 m asl will pass winding passage to get to Pondok Sumur (1750m). The track is getting harder with steeper slope overgrown with bushes and around 3 hours then arrive at Pondok Demit. Afterwards more hike around 8 hours until the forest border that is known as Pondok Mantri in the height of 2900 tp 3000 meters, where climbers usually make camp to rest. Proceed to reed track aroung 1 hour, then trip will continue to the peak of MT Raung that is sandy and rocky. It takes 2 hours from Pondok Mantri to get to the peak.

Raung’s Peak is located at the height of 3332 m asl that usually hard wind blows here. There is no passage from the top to the crater, so if climbers intend to descend to the crater they should be equipped with rope and other equipment.
Important thing to note; there is no spring on the journey to Mt Raung Peak, so climbers should prepare with water supply at Sumber Wringin or Sumber Lekan. Climbers should report their climbing trip to local officer at Sumber Waringin.

The names of each base camp to Mt Raung peak have a scary horror names, Pondok Sumur (Well House), Pondok Demit (Ghost House), Pondok Mayit (Corpse House) and Pondok Angin (Wind House). Pondok Sumur got its name from a legend that said there was an ascetic from Gresik that meditated nearby a well in this area, and until today the ascetic and the well are considered to still exist there only they are invisible by common eyes.

Pondok Demit is where transaction of invisible spirit held known as Ghost Market, on certain days noisiness is heard and accompanied by subtle music. The ghost market is believed to be located at the east route, on a shallow valley that is overgrown by reed and bushes.

Pondok Mayit or Corpse House is a base that has a horror history as long time ago a dead body was found hanging by a tree. The dead body was a Dutchman that was murdered by Indonesian Fighters.

Pondok Angin (Wind House) is located nearby Pondok Mayit and this is also the last base camp of climbers. This basecamp got its name from the wind that always howls and this is also where Mt Raung (howl) got its name. It is said that Pondok Angin is the gate to ride into the invisible world.