Climbing Mt Arjuno-Welirang

This mountain is located in East Java, and standing high next to Mt Welirang. Mt Arjuna (3339 m) is a dormant volcano and Mt Welirang (3156 m) is semi active mountain, they are located on same slope. Gunung Arjuna is a part of Lali Jiwo Reserve a 5000 hectares montane wildlife park. Mt Arjuno and Welirang are connected by a 2700 m saddle, seismologist classify Arjuno-Welirang as type A that is Most Dangerous.

Mt Arjuno Peak can be reached via Tretes , Batu and Lawang. Climbing both Arjuno and Welirang can be started from Tretes and then descend via Wonosari. Other mountains nearby Mt Arjuna Welirang are Mt Kembar I (3051 meters), Mt Kembar II (3126 meters), Mt Ringgit (2477 meters)

Climbing from Tretes;
Tretes is where popular Kakek Bodo Waterfall located. From Forestry Office, climbers can start to hike. After hiking for 4 to 5 km, arriving at Pos Kokopan that is located on 1500 m asl where there are huts built by sulfur miners. Here there are plenty water supply to stock the trip, and also camping is convenient here as it is surrounded by pines that block the wind. During the day weather is cold and frequently covered by fog. A pile of stones known as sacred tomb stone is located in this area. The next morning ascending Mt Welirang can be continued to Mt Welirang. After trekking for 3 hours through pines and rocky passage then arriving at Mt Welirang. The total duration from Tretes to Mt Welirang Peak is 7 to 8 hours. For further climbing to Mt Arjuna, climbers should descend 10 minutes southward through pines, a cliff and verges of Gunung Kembar I (3051 m) and Gunung Kembar II (3.126 m) then arrive at Pasar Dieng, that has almost same height as Peak of Mt Arjuna where there are rocks composed neatly like fence and slightly extensive ground. One hour from Pasar Dieng, the peak of Arjuna is reached. There on top the wind blows harshly and the temperature ranges from 5 to 10 deg Celsius. From the top other peaks, Ogal Agil or Ringgit Peak can be seen decorating the landscape. From Welirang Peak to Arjuna Peak takes round 8 hours trek. Camping can be set on peak. Descend route is via Lawang, Malang through Lalijiwo Reserve with lush trees, then Rowo-rowo Ombo or wide savanna and then Wonosari Tea Plantation. To descend take round 6 hours.

Climbing from Lawang, Malang:
This route is known for its easy track. Ascending started at Wonosari Tea Plantation where climbers should report their trip at Foresty Office and also load water supply here. After 3-4 hours climbing arrive at Oro-oro Ombo, proceed to ascend further for 6 to 7 hours to get to Mt Arjuna Peak through Lalijiwo Reserve.

Peak Of Arjuna
On the peak there are myriad of rock scaterred and at the north part there is cliff with beautiful shape of rocks. From the top, Mt Welirang is visible smoldering smoke like chimney, on the northwest Mt Penanggungan with its perfect cone, on the east is Mt Semeru, on the south is Mt Anjasmoro. And there is a throne-like rock that is considered as sacred, where pilgrims light incense. This stone has cakra symbol and javanese letter and is believed to be where the master of other world reigns.

Legend of Mt Arjuna

Mt Arjuna got its name from Arjuna, the second knight of Pandawa in Mahabarata Epic. The story started when Arjuna meditated on a very high mountain to get magical power or weapon. He was very deep into his meditation for months until his body radiating that made gods that reside on Kahyangan worried because Arjuna’s energy turned Condrodimuka crater exploded, thunder struck at noon, and even the mountain where Arjuna meditated lifted to the sky.
Batara Guru, the leader the gods sent Batara Narada to finish this matter as sending beautiful goddess, as usual, did not work to wake Arjuna up. Batara Narada went to the mountain where Arjuna meditate and asked him to quit meditating unless men and gods will be harmed by disaster. Arjuna did not quit, and he intended to get more attention from gods so they give him powerful weapon or supernatural power. Batara Narada returned to Kahyangan and reported his failure. Finally Batara Guru sent Batara Ismaya in the shape of Semar and Togog. They meditated at the same mountain as Arjuna, and with they power their body got taller and bigger than the mountain. They cut the mountain and threw the mountain away that at last made Arjuna quit meditating. Arjuna was advised by them, and that what he did was not correct. The mountain where Arjuna meditate is named Mt Arjuna, and the other cut is named Mt Wukir.