Kalibaru Plantation, Banyuwangi, East Java

Kalibaru Plantation is located in Banyuwangi, East Java Indonesia. This 12 hectares plantation has become more and more popular for foreign tourist and also domestic tourist lately. It has ease of access from Bali, which us just 6 hours drive plus crosssing the narrow Bali Strait to Banyuwangi. And from Surabaya can be reached either by train or car. Trip from Surabaya to Kalibaru takes 6 hours.
From Surabaya, after reaching Jember tropical atmosphere welcomes visitors with its rural villages, rice paddy terraces, plantation and local people life. Entering Mt Gumitir another amazing vista of primary forest spoil the eyes. If visitors take train mode of transport, along Merawan forest will emblazon the train glass window, and train will pass the historical tunnel that was built in the early 20th century in the periode of Dutch Colonialism.
Along the way to Kalibaru from Jember, range of plantation vegetation grow fertile from coffee, cacao, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, vanily, pepper and tropical fruits. In Kalibaru, there is a resort for a nice stay where visitors can see the making of coconut sugar and local people climb and tapping the blossom of coconut tree and processed traditionally to be sweet, delicious palm sugar. Not only that, tourists can also visit dairy cows, cheese making process, technology of bio gas energy and vanily garden. Or else, river situated in the plantation is ready to give white water rafting enthusiast to give a shot to the rapids it has.
Other interesting to see is the process of rubber from tapping to raw rubber for factory supply and the processing of cocoa, the basic material of chocolate.
Kalibaru Plantation gains its popularity among foreign travelers because of a retiree of PTPN (State Plantation Firm) that started a simple homestay in the midst of his private plantation that he inherited from his parents. Started in 1975 and got more popularity in 2000, not only among Dutch tourists that have long history with the area but also french and other nationalities.