Submarine Museum, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Submarine Museum (Monkasel) is situated in the heart of Surabaya, on the edge of Kalimas River. This museum was built as a memorial of the brave fighters of Indonesia, and to conserve history or Indonesia’s Maritime.

This Museum was Indonesian Navy’s submarine which was named KRI Pasopati, type SS Whiskey Class, that was made in Vladi Wostok Russia in 1952. Since January 29th 1962, this submarine was part of Indonesian Navy property for anti-shipping mission, surveillance and raid. This submarine has been involved in several important Indonesia Navy mission. KRI Pasopati was commissioned to oversee, hearken and collect information without any detection. In 1990, this submarine resigned from Indonesian Navy, and separated to be 16 blocks and then these blocks transported to the recent site to be rebuilt again.

KRI Pasopati characteristics:
Length : 76.6 m
Width : 6.30 m
Speed : 18.3 knot on the water surface and 13.6 knot down the water
Wirght : 1.300 tons
Battery : 224 units
Fuel : Diesel
Weapon : 12 torpedos (7 meters length)
Propelers : 6 holes
Crew : 63
Total rooms : 7 Rooms

Walking through the rooms in the submarine will give clear picture the life of navies. There is torpedo room, and then crew rooms where there are beds to rest, pantry rooms, toilet, commander room, battery room, electricity room. Torpedo rooms had 4 propeller torpedoes. Inside visitors can use periscope in the control room to see surrounding area, originally this periscope was they eye of the submarine.

Room 1 : Torpedo Room, completed with 4 torpedos, and 2 ready reserves. Also beds for crew to rest. Under the deck there is dome sonar.
Room 2 : Is lounge for official, all at once a dining room and comander room. Under the deck is batteries storage room.
Room 3 : Is Combat Information Center, ship control and combat activities center. Under the deck is food storage.
Room 4 : Crew rooms, kitchen. Under the deck in batteries storage.
Room 5 : Where diesel motor placed.
Room 6 : Electricity Room
Room 7 : Torpedo Room

Other thing you can see here is diorama about marine fighters of Indonesia can be watched in this museum from 09.00 t0 21.00. The museum opens everyday Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 21.00, Saturday and Sunday from 08.00 to 22.0o

Submarine Museum Exclusive Photos

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