Cangar Hot Spring and the vicinity, East Java, Indonesia

Located in Taman Hutan Raya R Soerjo (The Grand Forest Park) is located around 20 KM from Batu City, East Java. This hot spring is popular among local people and one of the favorite place to spend weekend. The hot spring is channeled to hot swimming pool and room for women with more natural design. Enjoying the pool as well as the green trees around and the mild weather is really relaxing for visitors.

To get to the hot spring visitors have to walk through path for 15 minutes through the forest, where sometimes monkeys of the forest greet happily. Local people selling fried tofu, tempe and banana, so visitors do not need to worry when hunger comes. Hot coffee or tea are also available to warm bodies in this cold refreshing forest.

If you visit this hot spring on weekdays and non holidays, this hot spring is like be your private spring. Other attractions located close to the hot spring are;
-Coban Talun Waterfall
-Coban Rais Waterfall
-Arboretum Spring
-Lalijiwo Savannah
-Japanese Cave