Ski Lot : Skiing on Mud, Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia

Well, seeing people skiing on a snow or water is just so common. What about skiing on mud? This interesting sport is an annual event from Lekok Village in Pasuruan Regency of East Java. 7 days after Idul Fitri, they hold this festive event as media of gratitude to God for the whole fortune of the year, and for Ramadhan, the blissful month.

Lekok Village is a sea shore village with the dominant occupation is traditional fishermen. This event is also to entertain communities when they are off from sailing.

Ski Lot derives from ski that means skiing and Lot is a Madurese word means mud. Simply, Ski lot is ski on mud. Children, Men and Women can engage in this race. Mud pond where the race take place is set by few circuits for each contestants. For sure the contestants should ride on a special ski board with one leg and the other running in the mud as fast as they can. The ski board’s size is round 1 meter in length and 40 cm width and it is equipped with hand-grip to maintain contestant balance when sliding on mud.

In this contest, participants not only should be the first to reach finish the 100 M mud circuit, vice versa, but they should catch catfish, eel and crab enroute.

This event also enlivened by boat decoration contest. Fishermen decorate their boats in colorful paint, flags and other ornament to catch the eye. This boat decoration contest not only aim to find the best decorated boat, but also as the thanksgiving of the boat owners to their men.