Candi Gedong Songo : Cluster of 9 Temples in a refreshing air, Central Java, Indonesia

Candi Gedong Songo is located in Ungaran with elevation of 1200-1800 m asl. Administratively situated in Ambarawa Regency and just 39 KM from Semarang. Gedong Songo means 9 temples with the highest location. Gedong is Javanese for buiding and songo means nine, so Gedong Songo  means cluster of 9 temples. At the beginning was called as Gedong Pitue (seven) as Rafles only found 7 temples, and later found 2 other non-intact temples. In 1928 till 1929, Dutch administration’s office for preservation of ancient heritage restored the complex. Those temples were made of andesit stones and restoration had been done on each temples from 1972 to 1982 by Indonesia government.

Candi Gedong Songo are deemed to be Hindu Temples as there were found Hindu statuary adjacent to the temples. Among the statuary found are Siva Mahakala, Syiva Mahadewa, Syiva Mahaguru, Ganesha, Durga Mahisasuramardini, Nandiswara, Mahakala, and Yoni located in the inner temple.

Gedong Songo Temples were built by Sanjaya Dynasty in the 7 to 8th century, according to artifacts  found near the temples. Gedong Songo Temples have plenty of similarity with Dieng Temples, as they are located on the mountains, having resemblance statuary, and architecture. Only unfortunately now only 5 temples remain intacts, 4 others are ruins.

Usually temples were built for 2 functions as cemetery and as worship, in Gedong Songo case, the temples were estimated to be built for the later mentioned. When they were discovered, ashes were found in the site and likely that was the ashes of the dead as Hindu told its followers to cremate corpse.

Visiting Gedong Songo, not only enjoying the HIndu Temples, but you can also enjoy the fresh air and healthy walk. Gedong Songo is said to have excellent bio energy for health.