PPLH Seloliman: Nature Conservation Reserve, East Java, Indonesia

PPLH Seloliman is a natural conservation reserve located in Seloliman, Trawas, Mojokerja, East Java, Indonesia. Situated in a cold hill on the slope of Mt Penanggungan with elevation of 640 m asl. This is the place where you can enjoy the sounds of water, mountain breeze and also few ancient remains in the vicinity of the area.

Visitors can visit and buy seeds here. There are 4 areas: fruit garden, vegetable garden, herb garden, and reforestation area. Fruits and vegetables grow here are good quality or organic fruits and vegetables. PPLH also use green energy of micro hydro power plant for its area.

This micro-hydro power plant produces 23 KW,but only 10KW used by the community at night and 5-6kW during daylight. The system uses an old irrigation ditch, built by the government to irrigate farmer’s rice fields, to flow the water around 700 meters distance to the powerhouse. A huge pipe then channels the water down through terraces of rice paddy fields into  the powerhouse.The power house is equipped with 23 KW capacity of a T14 cross-flow turbine with a capacity of 23 kW with 428 revolutions speed per minute (rpm) for an
11.7 meter net head. The system is designed for a 300 liters flow per second, and utilized a 3-phase AVK synchronous generator.

At the mean time, the micro-hydro plant has powered 2 villages, 2 Muslim boarding school. Micro hydro plant can be a future energy source, as it has less impact to the environment.

In area of PPLH seloliman there is a forest and creek where there is a natural spring that comes out from rock cradk between trees. This water is fresh and save to drink directly. It said that this water can make forever young virtue.

What can visitors learn here?
-Rain forest ecosystem
-Environmental Polution
-Socio-cultural of local people
-Micro hydro power plant
-Litter recycle
-Ecological farming