Bromo Trip Options

After the eruption, there was an erosion at road conected Cemoro Lawang to view point at Mt Penanjakan where usually tourists awaiting for sunrise. This caused jeep can not acces this road and sunrise trip by jeep from Cemoro Lawang replaced to other view point. Travelers can be a little bit confuse about this because there is other common gate to enter Mt Bromo, from Pasuruan.
Option 1 : Via Cemara Lawang, Probolinggo
If you enter via Cemoro Lawang and stay overnight there, you can just walk from your hotel (or get Jeep) to foot of Mt Penanjakan. And then trekk to the view point 1. For month like July and August, sunrise from this view point is not very good, because sun is blocked by a hill. To get to the best view point for sunrise, you need to go further up the mountain from the view point 1. It will take round 40 minutes until you reach to a bitumen road where jeeps from Nongkojajar Pasuruan can still access. From there then return to Cemoro Lawang and proceed to Sea of Sand and Bromo Crater. Or else, you can go to Mt Bromo by motorbike taxi that is available at the view point 1. The benefit if you stay in Cemoro Lawang is that you can enjoy the Bromo Tengger caldera from in front of your hotel or else you can trek in the afternoon for nice shots of other various angles of Mt Bromo or local Tenggerese village and farmlands.

Option 2 : Via Nongkojajar, Tosari, Pasuruan
If you stay overnight in Nongkojajar, you can access Mt Penanjakan view point 1 and also the Mt Bromo. Only the hotel location here do not offer good landscape at all, asBromo Tengger Caldera is few km ahead.

Option 3 : Cemoro Lawang Sunrise Option
Other view point where you can see sunrise from here without hill distract your sight is location close to Vulcanology Monitoring Office. Sunrise here is pretty without rough trekking the hill and after that you can go to Mt Bromo to see its crater.

Well, those are few options, you can choose one of them on your next visit to MT Bromo.