Bromo Tour Info

After erupting on November 2010 until March 2011, Mt Bromo and the surrounding were covered by volcanic ash. Until now, Mt Bromo still send down ashes that will be a trouble for visitors.

Visiting Mt Bromo in the morning can be less wind and its on its best time to visit though sometimes on July and August, peak season period, can be very crowded because of less space on the crater rim after the eruption. Visiting Mt Bromo at noon can be more convenient because of less crowded, and but can be very windy and the ashes will fly over the air and make your skin, face, socks and cloth dirty. Therefore, if you climb mt Bromo at noon, make sure you wear your dirty cloth, non white socks, sunglasses and mask. Volcanic ashes of of Bromo crater consist of lapili and silica can be harmful for your respiratory. If you don’t equipped with mask then you can buy from itinerant seller in Cemoro Lawang or at the sea  of sand. If someone has breathing problem asthma, bringing the sprayer is a must.

Watch out you camera from dusts, it can harm your lens. Do not wear flip flops or sandals, sneakers are the best for climbing.