Traveler’s Experience in Safari Park Prigen, East Java

When u travel through indonesia, i would suggest to visit the safari tour i did with my family, nearby mt Bromo. After 4 hrs driving we finally visit the safari. The entrance is very beautiful and the people are very kind to welcome you. The driver could drive with his car through the safari, while we are looking in the habitat of the wild animals who live there. I have seen the beautiful and dangerous lions and tigers. While driving slowly through their territory, i could see very well how they live. Every species has their own territory and they are sepperated by big fence. There are many animals from all over the world. I have seen the panther, nepalese bears, crocediles, beautiful birds and more. What i love to see was the deers and llama’s because they were so curious too, and i could touch them, because they are not dangerous. Seeing the elephants was a special experience, because i never seen elephants in reall, so i got my oppertunity to see them very close. Some people bought peanuts for the elephants so they could feed them. The driver was really giving me the time to observe the wild animals very well, i ghuess he enjoyed the ride too.

After finishing the ride through the safari we could step out of the car and see other beautiful and exotic animals, like tigers and orang utan. First we all took a break and we got the oppertunity to eat. Well that was a very special experience. Next to the restaurant is a very thick glass wall, and behind that wall there are tigers. You can experience their life from very very very close. Only the thick glasswall separates you and the tigers. It’s very extraordinary to see how they live and eat and sleep, from very close distance, while u have your lunch or dinner. Visiting the orang utan was a very nice experience, because the orang utan kissed me. I feel very flattered, didn’t know the orang utan was so in love with me.

A day in the safari can make you feel very happy and you can learn al lot, it’s just something you have to do if you love nature and animals. I would like to visit again the safari and see more animals very close. I never saw a monkey or orang utan in real, but now i did. I can advice everyone to look and experience the safari from very close.

Author :Robert T. from The Netherlands

Safari Park Prigen Exclusive Photos

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