Bromo Volcano : One of its kind, East Java, Indonesia

Bromo Landscape
Bromo Landscape

Mt Bromo is one of the most interesting landscape in Indonesia and one of its kind in the world. Mt Bromo itself located in Bromo Tengger National Park located in East Java and apart of 5 regencies, namely : Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang. The common entrances to Mt Bromo are Probolinggo and Pasuruan.

Mt Bromo (2.392 m) stands in the middle of 10 KM diameter of caldera and surrounded by Mt Penanjakan (2700 m). The average temperature in Bromo is 7° – 18° C. The latest eruption of this volcano was on November 2010 until April that the government officially closed Bromo for tourists and stated alert status or radius 2 KM from Bromo. This eruption had destroyed farmers’ crops with its ashes.

The most prominent attraction of Bromo is its spectacular sunrise seen from the viewing point of Mt Penanjakan. The morning sunlight yeilds a very beautiful colors in the horizon and sky and reflects on the mist, smoke and slope of Mt Bromo. Mt Semere, which is the highest peak in Java looks very arrogant standing a bit behind sometimes with smoke over its peak.

Bromo Crater expels smoke all year long. To get to the crater rim you need to trek through the sea of sand and climb the stairs. On the crater rim, you can see the steep slope and hole where the smoke comes out from the source down there. Sometimes you can hear a rumbling sound of the magma activities.Standing on the rim and look around will show a picturesque landscape.

If you want to explore more, you can ask the jeep driver to get you to whispering Savannah, a green landscape of bushes on the other side of sea of sand and you will pass a desert-like landscape en-route. You can go further to Ranu Pane on the foot of Mt Semeru. Cycling from Cemoro Lawang to Ranu pane is also possible, if you love cycle adventure.

Best Time to visit : April to November

What to prepare : Warm clothing, some cash, raincoat, sneakers, flash light


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