Madakaripura Fall : Meditation site with pristine surrounding, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia

Air Terjun Madakaripura

Madakaripura Fall is located in Probolinggo and it is right on the way to Mt Bromo, where you just need to turn right where the sign of the location stand. It is just 5 Km from Sukapura.The road is easy to access though it get narrower when reaching further.

Madakaripura Fall is believed to be the place where Gajah Mada, the general of Majapahit Empire meditated and then moksa (disappear). Local people said that the meditation site is located behind the waterfall. Until today, people regarding this place as a sacred site and when we visit there we should watch our attitude.

It takes round 1 KM trek through small clear water river to reach the waterfall. Because of the track, local people will offer to guide you there for few thousand rupiahs. The waterfall itself located hidden further in the 2 natural rock walls on the riverside. Before arriving at the waterfall, you will meet local’s small stall and men offering plastic bags and umbrella to cross few small waterfalls that you should pass under to get to the real waterfall.

Madakaripura Falls height is 200 m from the top of the cliff flowing massively through the rocks. Water is very fresh and cold. You can even swim here. When it is rainy, the local management prohibited visitors to enter as the nature of the waterfall location that is flood-risky.

What to prepare :- Spare cloth, slippers, umbrella, plastic bags, sun cream, some cash