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Pictures: Gili-Noko Island, Bawean Island, East Java, Indonesia

Below are pictures of Noko-Gili Island located geographically at Bawean Island. It is recommended to take a day trip here and enjoy lunch with seafood menus here. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and enjoy sunset at Noko Island. In the afternoon some birds can be found at the sand island of Noko Island.

Below are some pickture of Gili-Noko Island of Bawean Island taken by Getaway Tours: Indonesia Tour operator team.

Sunset from Noko Island.

The sand Island of Noko is connected to Gili Island and can be crossed by walking when the ride is low.

Some sea birds can be seen at Noko Island

NOko Island

Gili Island can be reached by boat about 30 minutes.

You can buy super fresh fish for grilled to have lunch at Gili Island.

PICTURES: Lake Kelimutu, Moni, Ende, Flores Island

Even though Lake Kelimutu is well known to be visited in the morning when sun rises come, however, it is actually good to be visited in the morning and during afternoon. Off course it depends on the weather, often the mist comes in the day time and afternoon and morning as well. But regarding the sun direction, it is good to take picture in the afternoon than morning. Morning is back-light to take picture.

There are some view point to enjoy Lake Kelimutu. The main view point is where visitors usually expect sunrise, as the morning comes, it is usually will get crowded with people especially on weekend. After sunrises you can walk to another view points which can be reached by walking about few minutes.

Lake Kelimutu consists on 3 lakes, 2 lakes has green colors and the other two has green Tosca colors.

There are macaques inhibit the lakes area, sometimes you can see them enjoying the morning at the edge of the lake.

Below are some pictures of the legendary lake, taken by Getaway Tours, Indonesia Tour Operator team. Feel free to contact us for queries to visit Lake Kelimutu.

PICTURES: Ijen Blue Fire Tour 2019 in May

Ijen Crater in the morning.
Sulfur Smoke of Ijen Crater

It is recommended wearing gas mask to visit Ijen to avoid inhaling sulfur.
Stars at Ijen Crater, yes, you can also see the milkyway from Ijen Crater area.

*** Getaway Tours, Indonesia Tour Operator

Pictures: Labuan Bajo in the sunset time and evening

Labuan Bajo has been a destination for ocean and diving lovers. It is the gate to Komodo National Park which offers safari to see Komodo Dragon and well-known diving, snorkeling paradise. The hotels in Labuan Bajo has grown rapidly from dorm, homestays to a 5 star resort.

The city of Labuan Bajo is very small and easy to explore within few hours. There is a beach located a bit off the city where some resorts located., called as Waecicu Beach where you can swim without going to National Park area. About 30 minutes drive you can go to Rangko Cave.

The sunset time is very mesmerizing in Labuan Bajo. You can enjoy it from the hill side or even at the harbor area. If you stay at the main street area nearby harbor, you can walk to some coffee shops of some accommodations above. One of the is Ciao Hostel, at the third floor, the sunset view is amazingly beautiful.

Around sunset time you can stroll along the harbor and see street food stalls are prepared, with various kind of seafood from fish, crabs, lobster, shrimp and more. All are fresh.

Evening, you can enjoy dinner at some nice restaurants. One of the best restaurant which offers live music on Saturday night is Le Pirate.

Below are some pictures taken in Labuan Bajo during late afternoon and evening by Getaway Tours, Indonesia Tour Operator.

Labuan Bajo on sunset time from above
Labuan Bajo sunset seen from Ciao Hostel
Labuan Bajo sunset time at Bajo Bridge
Labuan Bajo harbor
Seafood food stall nearby Harbor

Pictures: Komodo National Park

Below are some pictures taken at Komodo National Park. Not just seeing Komodo Dragon but also enjoying the nice view of white sandy beach, the panoramic curving beaches at Padar Island and snorkeling. On some season usually you can stop by at Manta Point, it has circle current on the surface. Some season Manta can not be found though.

Komodo Dragon in Komodo Island-Labuan Bajo
Komodo Dragon in Komodo Island -Labuan Bajo
Trekking Route at Komodo Island-Komodo National Park
Komodo Dragon at Komodo Island
Pink Beach-Komodo National Park
Snorkeling at Pink Beach

Padar Island Panorama at Komodo National Park. It takes bout 45 minutes to the highest view point. As it is hot there,be ready with water bottle, hat, sunscreen, and walking shoes. If you like, coconut water is also available to buy there.

Borneo Orangutan Tour Boat

Locally called as Klotok, the boat for orangutan tour to sail along river in Kalimantan jungle is equipped with toilet and the bed installed is equipped with mosquito net. Please find below pictures of wooden boat we use for orangutan tour at Tanjung Puting National Park.

Mount Inerie Climbing, Bajawa, Flores, Indonesia

Mount Inerie looks enchanting overlooking Bajawa, Flores Island, Indonesia. The foot is lush forest while the cone is very steep with some volcanic materials can be seen from the city. Whenever you explore Bajawa, Mount Inerie always waves at you.

Located only about 30 minutes from the city to the basecamp to start hiking. There are almost no flat area for camping from the basecamp, that it is recommended climb without camping. Climbers can depart at 02.00 am from hotel.

Normally it takes about 3 hours to hike to the peak. However if hiking slowly, it can take about 4-5 hours to the peak. And descend about 3 hours to 4.5 hours. The path is very steep when reaching the peak. Especially the gravels which usually will take about 1.5 hours to 2 hours hike. The gravels path is very slippery.

The peak has crater which is not active anymore. We can still see layered soil at the top. And we can also see the volcanic material of red soil and gravels and natural red brick stone which seems to be caused by the super heat. The view is definitely stunning. We can see the coast line and ocean, other peaks in the vicinity, Watunariwowo hills, Bajawa city and nearby villages.

Hiking pole will be very helpful. Do not forget to bring gloves which can help you to get a grip of the vegetation or rocks. And it is a must to wear hiking shoes for safety reason. Bring chocolate and water, there is no spring or river along the hike. it is chilly and windy at the peak, i do not think it is comfy only wearing wind breaker, warm jacket that is also wind breaker and water resistance is very helpful for wind, low temperature and showers that might come especially on wet season.

Do not hike alone. Recommended to be guided by local guide. They knows the mountain more than you. Especially Mount Inerie which is not easy to descend, guide knows the best and fastest route to descend that you can avoid slippery gravels on the extreme slope. And, do not forget your country’s flag for taking memorable picture to share or as a personal documentation.

Watunariwowo: Mesmerising Hill in Bajawa, Ngada

This hill is located in Langa village, about 20 minutes drive from Bajawa city. It takes about 30 minutes hike in total. Even though the hike is not difficult, however it is recommended to have local guide to go with. To reach the peak, we must hike through super narrow path with steep hundreds meters high ravine on both sides. Currently the locals have made safety fence out of rope for hikers to hold on.

The view is very stunning. Especially with the panorama of Mount Inerie,the highest peak in Flores Island. We can see Aimere, the harbor town enroute the hike.

For safety reason, due to the slippery path which has gravels, please be prepare with good hiking shoes, which has grid. Do not forget hat and sunscreen. Cary day pack with water bottle, as you will need it during the hike.

En route the path, visitors can visit a former settlement of Langa village tribe. There are rocks as the foundation of house and maybe because of some reasons the ancestors left the house and lived at the current village location. A thin rocks which can make sound like percussion when beaten was found here. In the past this rock can be one of ritual apparatus.

If you go with group, you can even make reservation with the locals and they can also provide water and local cake made of casava and coconut.

Pictures: Rangko Cave, Flores Island, Indonesia

This cave is very unique and worth a visit. Located just about 30 minutes drive from Labuan Bajo to Rangko Village where you can sail by wooden boat. It takes about 30 minutes by boat from the village to the beach where you will need to walk to Rangko Cave. The beach itself is very beautiful, white sand and very clear water. There is a reef where you can climb a little bit to see panorama.

From the beach, it takes only about 10 minutes walk to the cafe. Must be very careful to descend from the cafe mouth to the pool of Rangko cave as it is slippery. Best time to visit is at 14.00, that was when the sun will light the cave from the cave mouth.

The water of the safe is salty, the water must have come from ground, from the sea leak. And we can still see some stalactite and stalagmite, some are still alive.

Beach of Rangko Cave
Pictures taken from the cliff at Rangko Cave area
The salt water pool inside Rangko Cave.
Rangko Cave looks more alive in picture at 13.30-14.30, when sun shines through the cave mouth.