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PICTURES: Green Bay or Teluk Hijau, Meru Betiri National Park, Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Green Bay is located secluded in Meru Betiri National Park. It can be accessed by trekking or by boat from Rajegwesi Beach. Boat from Rajegwesi is about 30 minutes while by trekking about 45 minutes from  Damai Bay.  If the wave is rough, recommended to trek instead of boating. 

Wooden boat taking visitors from Rajegwesi Beach to Green Bay. The Green Bay has white sand and greenish blue color of water.

As it is located in the Hindian Ocean, often the wave is very rough, creating powerful sound hitting the rocks.

View Point to Watch Sunrise at Mount Bromo

We have received some frequently asked question by our clients regarding the view point for expecting sunrise at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. There are some reasons that usually travelers want to get good view for their documentary and memories, and also considering other aspects such as children-friendly, senior citizen-friendly, less-crowded place.

This view point is the most famous spot, and well developed. It is also the highest point that offers nice vista of the sunrise and view of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Because of this nature, this spot is most wanted and can be very crowded for sunrise. On low season, you just need to walk about 10 minutes to the view point. However on the peak and high season, as there are more than hundreds on 4WD parking along the road, that you would need to walk longer, can be about 30 minutes and even more. You will meet motorbike taxi drivers offering for a ride to the view point, the walk can be chaotic.
Mount Penanjakan is about 45-60 minutes drive from Cemoro Lawang (ProboLinggo) or Tosari (Pasuruan) by 4WD or usually called Jeep. About 2.5-3 Hours drive by 4WD from Tumpang (Malang).

This view point is not so far from Mt Penanjakan, only about 15 minutes drive. This view point offers similar view as Mount Penanjakan, in some month, you the sunrise hides behind a hill. However the view of Mount Bromo Tengger Semru is just as stunning as from Mount Penanjakan View Point. It takes only about 5-10 minutes walk.

Love Hill is located nearby Kingkong View Point, similar height with Kingkong and the view is similar as well. This can be alternative to see sunrise if the other two above are crowded.

It is about 2,300 M, not as high as Mount Penanjakan. The View is stunning, in some months the sunrise is also blocked by hill. Yet, this view point is like seeing sunrise mount Bromo closer. When Mount Bromo is active and the caldera closes for visitors, we recommend you to stay in Cemoro lawang/Probolinggo area, that you can go to this view point by walking from your hotel in Cemoro Lawang, about 1 hour drive. This spot usually i still safe for viewing Mt Bromo which is usually closed within radius 2 km when it is active.
To get to the view point you must walk about 30 minutes in a little steep path. Some locals offers horse ride here.
If you stay in Cemoro Lawang area, you will need to walk about 1 hour to 1.5 hours to the view point.
This view point is less crowded.

This view point is located very close to Lava View Lodge Bromo, you can walk for few minutes from Lava View Lodge. Mentigen is not so high and usually always quiet. You can see the sunrise almost on every season as it is unblocked by hill.

PICTURES: Posong View Point, Temanggung , Central Iava, Indonesia

Posong is a view point located nearby the border of Wonosobo and Temanggung Regency. It is geographically located on the slope of Mount Sindoro, one of active volcanoes in Java. It is easily accessed from the main road and no trekking needed. It is a good option to stop by if you are on the way from Yogyakarta to Dieng Plateau. From the view point you will see, tobacco farm which can be seen during May to August. And you can also see other peaks nearby, such as Mount Sumbing, the neighbor of Mt Sindoro and also other far away peaks such as Mt Merbabu and Mount Merapi.

Mount Sumbing with tobacco farm.


Mount Merbabu seen from Posong View Point 

Mount Sindoro seen from Posong View Point

PICTURES : Mount Prau Hiking, Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia

Despite it is just 3 hours hike to the peak, the view from the summit is mesmerizing. It is best hiked on June-September, the dry season when it is clear, sunny and you can catch a glimpse of the shimmering sunrise. On one of the peaks you can enjoy the daisy garden. The prominent view is Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing creating beautiful curves far away sometimes hidden behind thin mist creating whitish blue drawing of the mountains. Other peaks you can see here are: Mount Slamet, Mount Merapi-Merbabu. You can either choosing to camp on its peak or just depart late evening from Yogyakarta or Wonosobo or Magelang or Borobudur to Mount Prau. 

Beringin or Weeping Fig or Banyan Tree

This tree is native to South East Asia including Indonesia and Malaysia. The tree features hanging roots which is so easy on the eye and creating unique impression. Scientifically known as Ficus benjamina Linn, in Indonesia it is known as beringin and in English is known as weeping fig. 

The air roots covers the real tree and closer to the real tree usually the diameter if the air roots are bigger.  The air root absorbed oxygen, while if the root touches the soil it can absorb water.  There are some case that the tree becomes invasive. In Indonesia, this tree is believed to be sacred. 

Weeping Fig can function as micro climate creator. The canopy is big size ad it is an evergreen tree, that mild the temperature.  And no wonder that the tree is planted at parking area, city square, and also cemetery. 

Weeping Fig  is a species with high ecological value. Its characteristic as Epiphyte, semi-epiphyte and independent tree enable the tree to live very long., and in some areas can live until hundreds years.  

Economically, the ficus tree is not so tough that it can not be used for housings or furniture. But when the tree lives, it is very useful environmentally, as it is the habitat of birds, some reptiles, insects, and mammals. The fruits which can be found the whole year can be the diet of the animals. And the air root can be functioned as playground for primates. 

If you want to visit the Giant Banyan tree in Bali, please inform us: Getaway Tours: Indonesia Tour operator.


Hot Water Spring in Bali Island, Indonesia

Bali Island has some natural hot spring to rejuvenate and relax and retreat.

1.Toya Bungkah Natural Hot Spring
This hot spring is well managed by private sectors. There are two places where you can enjoy the spring,Batur Natural Hotspring and Toya Devasya. The water is clear and contains of sulfur. The entrance fees includes: towel, soap, locker and welcome drink. Located at the edge of the famous Batur Lake, the panorama is very relaxing. A stop by to this spring is a good option after hiking Mount Batur or maybe after visiting Trunyan Cemetery. 

2.Angseri Hotspring
This hotspring is located not far from the world heritage site, Jatiluwih Rice Terrace. The water contains of healing sulfur and it has some private pool for family or couple. There are two pools for bathing. The pool in the further end has waterfall, very nice for couple taking picture. 

3.Banjar Hotspring
Located not far from Lovina beach, this is an old hot spring. It has three beautiful pool with dragon engraved stone tap, known as jaladwara. There is a river located nearby the spring. It was first developed by Japanese in the Japanese occupation period. 

  • 4.Penatahan Hotspring
  • Penatahan hotspring or locally known as Yeh Panes Hotspring, Located in Tabanan, the spring is located nearby rice field. The spring itself located at Yeh Panas Temple.  
  1. 5.Belulang Hotspring
  2. Belulang Hotspring is located in Tabanan. To reach the spring, visitor must walk about 200 meters from the parking area. The source of the spring is located in Beji Temple Area, where the worshiper of the temple bath to purify themselves. 
  4. 6.Yeh Sanih Hotspring
  5. This hotspring is very unique that it is located very close to the sea, yet it is 100% fresh water. Balinese believe that if young couple bathing here, they will be together forever. The water is used for Hindu Ritual, and the source of the water is located nearby frangipani tree where Visnu is worshiped.  

PICTURES: Mount Prau , Dieng Central Java, Indonesia

If you love nature and beginner of hiking, this hike to Mount Prau might be a good choice. Only about 3 hours walk from the base camp, you can reach the peak of Mount Prau (2565M), and you will get to see some other peaks in the vicinity such as Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sindoro, Mount Sumbing, Mount Slamet and Mount Lawu. The vista on the summit is marvelous. And beside that you can also visit and photograph the nice places on this mountain : Daisy Garden and Teletubbies Hill. As the hike is not long, you can do camping or just day tour for sunset or sunrise. The most popular is visitors doing camping to the mountain and visit Dieng Plateau Area. However you can also depart about 10 PM from Yogyakarta for sunrise hiking. Shall you need any info or quotation for Mount Prau Hiking Summit or maybe combined with other destinations such as Dieng Plateau, Borobudur, Yogyakarta, please contact us.