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Pictures : Kawah Putih (The White Crater), Ciwedey, Indonesia

Kawah Putih, is one of a must visit place if you visit Bandung. It is administratively located in Ciwedey about 2 hours drive from Bandung city. Enroute to Ciwedey, we will be passing some villages located on a hilly area, strawberry farms and rice field.

The entrance ticket to Kawah Putih includes shuttle form the parking area to the location. Best time to visit is on May–September, when it is relatively dry. Kawah Putih is located on a high altitude and sometimes it is very windy that it is recommended to wear warm clothing.

To reach the crater it takes only few minutes walk through steps. The crater is surrounded by cantigi (Vaccinium sp) which makes the crater more enchanting, especially when the wind blows and the fog or smoke of the crater covering the trees.

The sulfur smell is very strong that t is recommended to wear mask.

Ijen Blue Fire Midnight Tour from Banyuwangi

Ijen Blue Fire Midnight Tour from Banyuwangi

Pick up at 00.00 at your hotel in Banyuwangi area and then drive about 1 hour to Paltuding, the basecamp of Mount Ijen. Start hiking 3.5 KM to Ijen crater rim which is going to take about 1 hour and then another 1 hour descend to the crater where you can see the amazing blue fire phenomenon. The blue fire originated from the sulfuric gas emerges from the cracks in the volcano at high pressure and very high temperature and when they contact with the air creating the blue flame. After enjoying the view of Ijen Crater which has large area of hydrochloric acid and the surrounding and then return back to Paltuding and drive back to your hotel. End of service. Finish about 10.00 AM

Private Car, Driver, Fuel
Ijen Local Guide
Ijen Mask
Entrance Fee
Mineral Water

Travel Insurance

What to bring:
Warm Jacket
Hiking Shoes

Pura (Temple) Kehen, Bali, Indonesia

This temple is located in Bangli area of Bali and it has some unique features. The temple entrance gate is not Bentar Gate type yet Kurung Gate type. There is also Bale Kulkul (wooden slit drum) located above the hundred years banyan tree. There were three inscriptions found mentioned about the temple yet there was no certain year it was built and the inscription also mentioned where Kehen name derived. According to the 3rd inscription from the year 1204, the temple had some temples related to each other as a union called Pura Hyang Hatu, Kyang Kedaton, Hyang Daha Bangli, Hyang Pande, Hyang Wukir, Hyang Tegal, Whayng Waringin, Hyang Pahumbukan, Hyang Buhitan, Hyang Peken Lor, Hyang Peken Kidul and Hyang Kehen.

Hyang Kehen is assumed to be derived from the word dkeren which means place for fire and related to the first inscription which mentioned Hyang Api (fire), Hyang Karinama and Hyang Tanda and some monks names.

It is believed that if the branches fall down there will be disaster. It has happened that if the priests died, if the king died and also some branches fall down means disaster for the people.

The gate is decorated with two elephant statues as dwarapala. There are also statues from Ramayana epics and inside the temple there are 11 Siva’s manifestation. The main temple wal is decorated with chinese ceramics in blue color.

PICTURES:Walini Tea Plantation,Ciwedey, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Located in Ciwedey, this beautiful tea plantation situated about 2 hours drive from Bandung. Along the trip to the tea plantation you will be passing villages located on a hills, and most of the houses roof are made of terracotta roof tile making the view more beautiful to be seen.

Ciwalini Tea Plantation is such a huge area, it is hilly and creating beautiful curves. Below are few pictures at the plantation. The plantation is en route to Lake Situ Patenggang and Rengganis Crater, and not far from Kawah Putih Crater. Places can be seen nearby the area are: hotspring, strawberry farm and you can also try local ginger drink called bandrek to warm your body.