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PICTURES : Liyangan Site, Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia

Liyangan site is a large area, and it was found because of the sand mining in the location. The excavation is still ongoing and some new sites found nearby covering larger area.

The mountain rock on the site shows that the sites destroyed by Mount Sindoro eruption in the past.


Liyangan site was found in 2008. Before the big structure found, there were already some yoni existed in the area, including this big size yoni which has been there for many years, in the middle of farm land.



PICTURES : Jumprit Holy Spring, Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia

Jumprit Holy Spring is located on slope of Mt Sindoro. The spring is unsed to collect holy water for Vesak ritual at Borobudur Temple annually. 

-The water also drips down from the above, beside the spring which it source comes from underground.  Jumprit spring is also the spring of Progo River. 

The entrance to Jumprit Spring decorated with Kala, like Hindu Temple.

PICTURES : Selogriyo Temple and its Rice Terraces, Central Java, Indonesia

Candi Selogriyo, the hidden temple on the slope of Mount Sindoro, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. Enroute to the temple you will be passing mesmerizing view of Mount Sindoro, locals activity and rice terraces.

On the way to Selogriyo Temple, you will be passing the beautiful scenery of rice terrace. Sometimes you will be meeting locals and also seeing them working in the rice field.

Rice terrace in Selogriyo offer various stage of the rice paddy, some are green, some are nearly harvest time and some in the first stage.

If you do not want to walk for 2 km , you can ride motorbike to Selogriyo, and it is a little bit adrenaline ride as the road is about 2 meters wide and on one side is rice terrace valley.

Pictures: 8 Temples or Candi in Dieng Plateau, Central Java, Indonesia

Hindu Temple Complex, the oldest Hindu Temples in Indonesia, consists of Candi Semar, Candi Arjuna, Candi Srikandi, Candi Puntadewa, Candi Sembadra.

Gatotkaca Temple is located nearby the Arjuna Temple complex, you can just walk from Arjuna Complex to Gatotkaca complex and visit Kailasa Museum located within walking distance from the temple.

Candi Bima, the biggest temple in Dieng area is very special as it is decorated with kudu statue on its roof. Inside the temple there is a yoni with 3 holes.

Dwarawati is the temple located set apart from another temples, a little bit hidden. The access to the temple is a narrow street passing settlements.

Pictures : Silver Sunrise and Dieng Temple Complex, Central Java, Indonesia

The silver sunrise can be seen from the Hindu Temple Complex, consists of 5 temples: Arjuna, Semar, Srikandi, Puntadewa and Sembadara.

Puntadewa Temple

Arjuna Temple complex in the morning. Dieng Plateau, Central Java, Indonesia

This temple can be visited customized with other tours to Yogyakarta or Central Java, such as Borobudur Temple Tour, Yogyakarta Tour, Mount Prau Trekking Tour, Dieng Double Sunrise Tour, Java Overland Tour.  

Pictures: Tieng View Point for Golden Sunrie

Tieng View Point is not as high as Sikunir View Point, however the golden sunrise is marvelous. Here we can expect the sunrise while drinking hot coffee or purwaceng from behind the glass window of the coffee house. We can also climb to the tower for a better view. Far away is the majestic Mount Sindoro (3136 m).

Just outside the coffee house, there is a terrace we can enjoy sunrise directly.