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Pictures: 8 Temples or Candi in Dieng Plateau, Central Java, Indonesia

Hindu Temple Complex, the oldest Hindu Temples in Indonesia, consists of Candi Semar, Candi Arjuna, Candi Srikandi, Candi Puntadewa, Candi Sembadra.

Gatotkaca Temple is located nearby the Arjuna Temple complex, you can just walk from Arjuna Complex to Gatotkaca complex and visit Kailasa Museum located within walking distance from the temple.

Candi Bima, the biggest temple in Dieng area is very special as it is decorated with kudu statue on its roof. Inside the temple there is a yoni with 3 holes.

Dwarawati is the temple located set apart from another temples, a little bit hidden. The access to the temple is a narrow street passing settlements.

Pictures : Silver Sunrise and Dieng Temple Complex, Central Java, Indonesia

The silver sunrise can be seen from the Hindu Temple Complex, consists of 5 temples: Arjuna, Semar, Srikandi, Puntadewa and Sembadara.

Puntadewa Temple

Arjuna Temple complex in the morning. Dieng Plateau, Central Java, Indonesia

This temple can be visited customized with other tours to Yogyakarta or Central Java, such as Borobudur Temple Tour, Yogyakarta Tour, Mount Prau Trekking Tour, Dieng Double Sunrise Tour, Java Overland Tour.  

Pictures: Tieng View Point for Golden Sunrie

Tieng View Point is not as high as Sikunir View Point, however the golden sunrise is marvelous. Here we can expect the sunrise while drinking hot coffee or purwaceng from behind the glass window of the coffee house. We can also climb to the tower for a better view. Far away is the majestic Mount Sindoro (3136 m).

Just outside the coffee house, there is a terrace we can enjoy sunrise directly.

Plecing Kangkung: Healthy Menu special from Lombok Island

Plecing Kangkung is easily found  in any restaurant in Lombok. It is water spinach in spicy fresh sauce. The taste is addictive. This menu will be suitable with rice and also other local food of Lombok such as Sate rembiga and Ayam Taliwang. 

The sauce is made of chili,  tomato, garlic, shallot and a little bit of shrimp pasta. Another vegetable can be mixed in Plecing Kangkung is been sprout. And sometimes you will get it sprinkled with peanuts. To make the sauce more flavors, usually added with lime. 

For me when i was in Lombok i could have this menu for lunch, and breakfast……… and dinner.  or even snack time.

Senggigi Beach, Lombok Island, Indonesia

Senggigi Beach is a very famous area in Lombok, because of its long white sandy beach, accommodations are established here from small hotel to some luxury resort. It is located about 1 hour drive from Lombok airport the the beach. 

Sunset from Senggigi beach is very enticing, especially when weather is clear that we can see the beautiful Mount Agung of Bali in a far. Enjoying the sunset while walking with spouse or even sipping coconut water can be an option every afternoon.  Some hotels and resorts have sea front cafe/restaurant, suitable for sunset dinner.

If you want to buy some clothes, there is an art market selling various colorful affordable clothing. It opens from 8 am to 7 am. And not far from the Senggu Beach hotels area, there are some souvenirs store as well. 

From Senggigi Beach , if you want to go to another island, there is a pier for fast boat to Gili Island and Bali. 

In my opinion Senggigi is a nice place to stay, as it is nearby the beach, and not so far from The Gili Islands, if you like night entertainment there are some options of pubs.  Climbing Mount Rinjani also usually includes pick up from Senggigi area. 

To commute at night, usually there are cidomo, horse cart,  on operation util late at night. Senggigi is relatively safe, you can walk from maybe your hotel to restaurant or pub safely. 

Islamic Center Lombok: View Point to see Mataram from above

Lombok is known as halal destination in Indonesia. Moslem will feel convenient here as there are more than thousand of mosques here. The biggest mosque is Islamic Center. 

Islamic Center can be visited also by non Moslem, they can visit the 99 meters high tower and get a look at the surrounding area. From the peak of the tower, 99 meters high, you can see Mount Rinjani, the houses, and the sea. And for sure you can just see many mosques from here. 

For moslem, this Mosque is best place to be visited to Dzhuhur or Ashar or Magrib for prayer and also for panorama view.

Islamic Center was built in 2013, its minaret height, 99 m, was adopten from 99 names of Allah. Islamic center is the icon of Mataram City, and also the center of culture, religious activity, and art market. 


Pura Batu Bolong, Lombok

Batu Bolong Temple is located nearby the main road, you can stop by here enroute from Mataram to Senggigi. The Temple is located on the cliff, above rock with a hole or locally known as Batu Bolong.

The temple area can be visited for sunset area, though it is not as mesmerized as Tanah Lot Temple in Bali. Visitors can enter the temple area, yet must wear sash which is prepared already at the temple gate by paying IDR 20,000. Entering the temple or the worship area is prohibited. 


Merese Hill: Best spot to view Tanjung Aan and Batu Payung

If you arrive at Tanjung Aan for a visit, do not miss to hike to Merese Hill. The hike will take about 30 menutes, but do not worry to be tired as you can stop by some nice panoramas on the way to the end of the hill.

From up the hill you can see the beauty of Tanjung Aan and Batu Payung. Some locals kids will follow you and offer taking picture for some tips. There are no trees on the hill, except one  tree which locals call it as Galau Tree. 

Taman Narmada: The Miniature of Mount Rinjani

Narmada Park was built in the 1723 by Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem who reigned Lombok Island in the past. Narmada name derives from the branch of Gangga river in India. This was built to worship and also as resting place for the king in dry season. 

Local hindu people in the past initially climb Mount Rinjani (3700 m)  to hold Pujawali ritual by giving offerings to gods. As the king got old, and could not again climb Mount Rinjani for Pujawali ritual, he then established this miniature of Mount Rinjani for him to pray. The core of the park is the pond , the symbol of Segare Anak lake the crater of Mount Rinjani.  Now the pond is used as public swimming pool.