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PICTURES : Candi Sari, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Candi Sari is a big establishment, and estimated functioned as place to store items for ritual and discussion and where the priests lived. The Building is two-storey.

The wall of the temple is engraved beautifully with human size woman and man carving, kinara kinari and friendly kalamakara. The wall is sealed with vajralepa to make the color brighter and long lasting.

As the establishment is not for worshipping, the inside is brighter. Candisari has window around the walls, and it is believed that on the wall there were statues.

PICTURES: Candi Palgading , Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Candi Palgading is located in the middle of settlements. This temple is Buddhist temple, as it was found avalokitesvara statue on site. Avalokitesvara is the love god and protector God in Mahayana Buddha. The temple built in the heyday of Buddhism in INdonesia, about 9-10th Century.

PICTURES : Candi/ Temple of Gebang, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Located about 11 KM from Yogyakarta City, this temple is not really well known. There is no stairs to enter the temple and probably in the past the stairs ti enter was made of organic material. The temple has niches with Nandiswara statue. While another niche is now empty. The temple is Hindu Temple by the fact that it has Yoni, Ganesha statue and Nandiswara statue.

There is a yoni locate inside the temple and kala makara decoration on the upper entrance.  

In my opinion the roof of the temple has similar to that of Bima Temple in Dieng, with kudu statue. On the top of the temple there is a lingga which is placed above a lotus pads. 

PICTURES: Mount Sibayak, Sumatera, Indonesia

This is the view of Mount Sinabung seen from the peak of Mount Sibayak , 2.212 meters above sea level. Mount Sibayak has open crater with sulfur. Not far from the peak there is a hotspring where you can soak and rejuvenate after hiking Mount Sibayak.

To watch the sunrise from Mount Sibayak, you can hike about 04.00. It takes only 1 hours walking to the peak, suitable for beginner. Recommended to be accompanied by local guide if you climb this mountain.

That is the peak of Mount Sibayak where you can see nearby cities and Mount Sinabung from here.

PICTURES: Tanjung Puting National Park, Orangutan Jungle Trekking, Borneo, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Orangutan is endemic primate in Borneo. Visitors can visit the feeding area in the morning and afternoon in the jungle of Borneo. It is very impressive to see this reddish arboreal primate swinging from one tree to another, and the baby orangutan always attached to their mothers.


Bekantan is also an endemic primate with long nose, they can be seen in the afternoon. They can be seen easily along the river.

To reach the feeding from river jetty is about 30 to 45 minutes walk.  Camp Leaky and Tanjung Harapan provides useful information about Orangutan to understand more about the research and the orangutan characteristic.

Sekonyer river is an acid river, and the color is black especially when it gets deeper in the jungle that still preserved. The acid and black color derives from the falling leaves of the trees in the jungle.

River cruising is a thrilling experience, and though you go on a maybe 3 days 2 nights trip along the river and staying overnight on boat, the forest, the river, the wildlife, the stillness will make us feel excited about the journey.

Sunset behind nipah trees which overgrown along the river. In the past everynight fireflies can be seen like a natural lamps twinkling on the nipah trees. 

PICTURES : Tangkahan Elephant Tour, Sumatera, Indonesia

Every morning and afternoon visitors can join bathing elephant at Tangkahan at Batang Serangan river. The elephant herd are used to patrol for illegal logging in the jungle.

Visitors bathing elephant at Batang Serangan river.

The elephants herd enjoy being bathed and brushed. And afterwards visitors can also feed the elephant with banana and sugarcane

Feeding elephant with sugarcane.

There are some other activities can be enjoyed in Tangkahan. Such as tubing along Batang Serangan river, jungle trekking and there are some waterfalls located nearby.
Tangkahan can also be visited customized tour with another destination nearby: such as Bukit Lawang for Orangutan Jungle Trekking, Lake Toba and Samosir Island Tour, Berastagi Tour, Mount Sibayak Trekking and Medan Tour. For customized tour please contact us.

PICTURES : Mount Bromo , East Java Indonesia, Collections

Mount Bromo is best seen in the morning, after the sun rises and mists still covers the sea of sand.

And when the sky is clear, the crater smolders white smoke is magical seen from Mount Penanjakan.

Climbing the crater the crater rim under the warm sun and different view of the surroundings.

This view is taken when Mount Bromo was active and visitors may not climb Mount Bromo. Taken from Seruni View Point.

PICTURES : Liyangan Site, Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia

Liyangan site is a large area, and it was found because of the sand mining in the location. The excavation is still ongoing and some new sites found nearby covering larger area.

The mountain rock on the site shows that the sites destroyed by Mount Sindoro eruption in the past.


Liyangan site was found in 2008. Before the big structure found, there were already some yoni existed in the area, including this big size yoni which has been there for many years, in the middle of farm land.



PICTURES : Jumprit Holy Spring, Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia

Jumprit Holy Spring is located on slope of Mt Sindoro. The spring is unsed to collect holy water for Vesak ritual at Borobudur Temple annually. 

-The water also drips down from the above, beside the spring which it source comes from underground.  Jumprit spring is also the spring of Progo River. 

The entrance to Jumprit Spring decorated with Kala, like Hindu Temple.