PICTURES: Off Beaten Path of Mount Ijen area, Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Ijen Crater may have been the well-known destination and must-visit place in Java or Indonesia. But there are so much to see, taste and do and feel in the surrounding of Ijen Crater. The road less traveled awaits you here.

This is the view of Mount Ijen with the rice terrace located in the village. The village is so quiet, locals are friendly, and the rice fields are everywhere. Coconut trees grow lushly. Certain village locals make coconut sugar made of coconut flower extract. We cal also join them to see the making process.
We cal also meet locals processing coffee. This is the wine coffee process. The cherries put inside a plastic bag for natural fermentation and it will create wine taste on coffee.
Visiting the manual coffee roasting process. They will show you the difference between coffee bean of arabica, robusta and liberica. You can also try to roast yourself. The manual coffee roasting uses fire and earthen pan.

This is the fresh coffee after roasted. It is best to be grin and served after about 2 days.
And what about trying Ijen coffee, roasted by locals and served by locals? It is a perfect experience.
And this is the locals menus of Banyuwangi you can find in the village. If you are okay eating at small food stall where locals go. It is fresh steamed vegetable, chilly sauce, chicken, tempeh, mushroom crispy and chicken soup. These are perfect for lunchtime.
Osing tribe, the indigenous people of Banyuwangi, has special snack. It is steamed coconut stem. It is yummy to have when its hot while enjoying coffee.