Bangkalan consists of karst areas. It has two popular destinations which is /was limestone mining at Arosbaya and Jaddih Hill. Arosbaya Limestone Hill is located about 2 hours drive from Surabaya. There are food stalls but no restaurants nearby the area. If you love trying local foods, you can try duck menus which is the specialty of this region.

The carving of the limestone from years of age creates an exotic outlook. Ferns and some root from above creating more artistic look. This will remind us of a Lara Croft of Indiana Jones universe.

The tunnel to the further limestone is decorated by gradation of the limestone. The walls look like brick shape because the mine produced bricks.
Visit here during weekend is the best as it is more quiet. The location is a little bit off, but nearby Aer Mata Ibu Royal Cemetery.
The time has painted on the white limestone canvas creating beautiful gradation.
As social media becomes popular, this place withdraw visitors for taking picture and shared on social medias. But not just for photographed, we will understand the character of Madura people, they are hard workers.