TUMPAK SEWU WATERFALLS: Magical Falls and the new East-Java Indonesia’s Must Visit Place

Located a little remote in East Java, this waterfall is a hidden gem of Indonesia until recently become popular and has attracted domestic and foreign visitors. The pictures of this waterfall has been viral and drawn attention of netizen.

Tumpak Sewu is located in Pronojiwo Lumajang and can be accessed from Malang and Lumajang. Both are good option to visit. Still limited accommodations if you want to stay in Pronojiwo. From Malang it takes about 2.5 hours to the location, from Lumajang city about 1.5 Hours from from Surabaya about 5-6 hours. Hmmm maybe because of the distance location, the waterfall was not well known until lately.

There are few waterfalls nearby Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, but Tumpak Sewu is the star. The multiple 120 meters high horsetail waterfall is enchanting, and even the trekking to get there is another mind-blowingly beautiful.

Can be reached by about 30-40 minutes in slow pace through slopy route. Some path are made on bamboo, iron ladders and even streams. So get ready with water friendly footwear. Tumpak Sewu Waterfall not very thunderous but it roars, the mist from the waterfall can block the camera shoot. Prepare with dry bag. There are some spots where you can take picture with this magnificent waterfalls, local guide knows. 

This waterfall is about 20 meters high and located a little hidden. The waterfall is not so massive and it has cave to meditate. This cute waterfall is worth to be visited when you visit Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, maybe to take one or two pictures. 

This canyon has fan waterfall, also very beautiful and mesmerizing to see.The water flows wider than the source because of the surface of the cliff underlying it, creating fan-like shape. 

This blue lake is located nearby Nirwana Canyon, its water source from the canyon. It is actually not blue, only when the sky above is clear, it has subtle blue color. The size is not so big, only about 5 meters square and its depth is about 1.5 meters. Yet, it is fun to soak and jump here on the hot day enjoying the green surrounding.

This cave name derives from the nature of the cave which has the water drops from the cave ceiling. The cave is exotically located a little hidden. We will need to do a short hike along tiered beautiful waterfall, a small natural pond and another more steep heavy tiered waterfall. Yes, definitely you cannot avoid your footwear to get wet going to this cave. The mouth cave is covered by waterfall and entering the waterfall you will be literally like having shower. This is the fun part, actually. The cave interior has pillar, stalactite and stalagmite, and small shallow pond. You can explore further inside. 

Kapas Biru can be reached by about 30 minutes trekking, through sloppy path and also super vertical ladder. The waterfall is  a horsetail waterfall, about 100 meters high with green vegetation surround it. And exotically, there are bamboo trees growing nearby the waterfall. 

It takes walking through heavy stream river to reach the waterfall, and indeed accompanied by experienced local is important.  It is best to visit during dry season (July-Sept), in wet season crossing and river trekking can be deadly. The waterfall is 120 meters high and it is a segmented waterfall creating two waterfall, and that is why it is called Twin Waterfall. The cliff is very exotic as well as the green vegetation overgrown the waterfall surrounding.