Must Visit Places in Pacitan

Pacitan is the region of East Java province, however is more more close accessed from Yogyakarta. Recently Pacitan is popular among the world surfers, for its swell. There are some beautiful beaches as well in Pacitan. Here are some of the must visit places in Pacitan.

This beach is the one that i was talking about, it is the beach popula among surfers. There are some decent accommodations in this beach. Staying in the area is recommended as it is close by to other destinations in Pacitan.

This is where the waterfall meets the beach and ocean. It is very stunning to take photograph and the beach can be visited in the low tide for swimming.

Klayar is popular for seeing sunset and it has natural fountain whenever the wave hits the reef.

This river is a salt water river with coconut trees at the river banks. And then the boat will also take you to feel the wave of the Hindian Ocean for few minutes.

This river is soooo beautiful. It is fresh water river with bell fruits and coconut on its edges. And the river is very green and clear, especially in dry season. September is when the bell fruit in season. Boating along the river is very relaxing and rejuvenating. And you can also swim away at the blue lake in the river.

This cave has some big chambers with stalactite and stalagmite formation. It is very easy to visit for everyone, suitable for family as well.

7) Luweng Jaran Cave
Luweng Jaran is a vertical cave which and there are also horizontal cave inside. The entrance is very narrow but inside there are some chambers and the length of the horizontal cave is about 17 KM according to the mapping expedition in 1987 by an expedition team from Australia.

8) Kasap Beach
This beach is located nearby Watukarung Beach and there are some beaches in the vicinity. You can walk to view point to see the atolls and other beaches.

9) Telengria  Beach
This beach is located nearby the city. The sand is brown. The beach is long. There are some hotels at this beach location.

9) Tuna-Tofu Home Industry
The home industry located not far from Telengria beach. You can see the process of preparing the tuna, filling the tuna to tofu and how it is cooked using wood. You can try at Tahu Tuna Pak Ran Store located at the mainroad.

10) Gemstone
Pacitan is the home of gemstones. You can browse some jewelry made of the gemstones.

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