PICTURES: Mount Penanggungan Hiking Clmbing

Climbing Mount Penanggungan you will not only be passing forest, but also some old sites which locals call it as candi. There are more than 100 candi sites located scattered on the slope of Mt Penanggungan. The most famous is located at Seloliman, Jolotundo Holy Spring where you can enjoy the bath to rejuvenate after hiking. Before returning to Surabaya you can stop by at rice terrace.

Sunrise from the peak of Mount Penanggungan. Get prepared with the warm jacket as at the peak can be very windy and chill.
Mount Arjuno-Welirang seen from the peak of Mount Penanggungan
Camp site at Lurah Temple
Lurah Temple Camp Site
Carik Temple

Putri Temple

Jolotundo Holy Spring Temple
Rice Terrace at Seloliman Village
Mount Penanggungan-Mt Arjuno Welirang