Pictures : Kawah Putih (The White Crater), Ciwedey, Indonesia

Kawah Putih, is one of a must visit place if you visit Bandung. It is administratively located in Ciwedey about 2 hours drive from Bandung city. Enroute to Ciwedey, we will be passing some villages located on a hilly area, strawberry farms and rice field.

The entrance ticket to Kawah Putih includes shuttle form the parking area to the location. Best time to visit is on May–September, when it is relatively dry. Kawah Putih is located on a high altitude and sometimes it is very windy that it is recommended to wear warm clothing.

To reach the crater it takes only few minutes walk through steps. The crater is surrounded by cantigi (Vaccinium sp) which makes the crater more enchanting, especially when the wind blows and the fog or smoke of the crater covering the trees.

The sulfur smell is very strong that t is recommended to wear mask.