Swiflet Nest in Indonesia

Swiflet nest or scientifically known as Collocalia Fuciphaga has been very popular among Chinese and Hongkong market, as it is believed to be very good medicine, for health and beauty.  China is the biggest consumer of the nest, and as Chinatown is everywhere, the demands keep growing.

Indonesia is the biggest producer of swiflet nest. The bird live in some dark, damp places such as in  caves. And beside some wild swiflet habitat where farmer harvest the nests, there are so many swiflet nest produced in  buildings.

For wild swiflet, the nests are harvested 3-4 times in one year. For example like in Kebumen regency of Central Java, the harvest is an interesting activity and off course not for the fainted heart. There will be a festival to celebrate the harvest time of wild swiflet.