Java Off The Beaten Paths

Java is the most populated island in the world, however it has many beautiful to see and experience be it natural and cultural stuffs. If you have visited Java for once or more, maybe you would love to see other hidden beautiful places in this island. The places i am willing to share is the place that is not so well known among foreign travelers and in my experience when i visit those places, i do not meet foreign travelers, yet beautiful, exotic and relatively tranquil.

Mount Prau. It is famous among Indonesian travelers, recommended to climb in the weekdays and non holiday. I rarely see foreign travelers visiting Mount Prau, which only takes 3 hours hike to the peak and get pampered with the majestic view of Mount Sindoro with its golden sunrise shimmering.

Cycling at Dieng Plateau. Dieng Plateau maybe popular for day trip from Yogyakarta, however this plateau is rich of natural phenomenon to be discovered by cycling. Mostly people visit Dieng Plateau only to the complex of Hindu Temples, Sikidang Crater and Lake Warna area. However this area has other lakes, other craters, and you can explore the area by cycling. Cycle to hidden temple of Dwarawati, narrow village passage, say hello to the locals and if you are lucky you will meet the naturally dreadlock hair children which can only be found in the plateau area and nowhere else in the world.

Posong View Point and Embung Kledung. Both is locatead nearby to each other, nestles on the slope of Mount Sindoro. The view is marvelous and the access is convenient. Located on the mainroad to/fro Yogyakarta. Posong View Point is also a nice place to see golden sunrise, best time to visit on June-September, on dry season and when local farmers plant tobacco, the local commodities. Embung Kledung is a water basin, and the view to Mount Sumbing and Mount Sindoro is breathtaking.

Candi Selogriyo and Rice Terrace. Indeed Magelang is popular with its Borobudur Temple, however it has many other temples scattered. One of temple located hidden is Selogriyo Tempe. Located on slope of Mount Sindoro, this temple accesses is not so easy to find. Once you arrive at village without any sign of parking area, you will need to walk to the Hindu temple. And enroute the view of rice terrace is amazingly beautiful. Recommended to depart in the morning from your hotel in Borobudur or Yogyakarta area and then enjoy full day of slow walking at the rice field.

Pasar papringan, or Bamboo Market. This traditional market opens twice in 35 days. As its name, the market is under bamboo forest. We can find various traditional foods here. In Wonosobo there is a market similar to this, called Pasar Kumandang which opens every Sunday.

Yogyakarta Temple Tour. Not just Prambanan or Borobudur Temple, there are many temples located in Yogyakarta. If you love culture and history, exploring the temples might be a good option. My favourite temples are Candi Sari, a two floor temple that almost quiet everyday. And also Candi Sojiwan, Candi Barong and Candi Plaosan. We can cycle from one temple to another, i have tried from Prambanan Temple to Sojiwan Temple.

Mount Penanggungan. This mountain is not as popular as Mount Semeru, however it is unique as it has more than hundreds of temples and ruins scattered on its slope. If you climb this mountain it takes only about 5 hours to the peak. The mountain is rich of water, it has 33 springs. And one of the most popular is Jolotundo Holy Spring Temple and Belahan Temple. The village of Mount Penanggungan is very quiet and there is a very nice rice terrace where you can enjoy sunset if you stay nearby. At Mbiting village, located a lodge that offers bungalow and restaurant for FIT or group to do various activities, tours and learn about environment.