Sembilangan Lighthouse, Madura, East Java, Indonesia

SEMBILANGAN LIGHTHOUSE (Mercusuar Sembilangan)

This lighthouse is located in Bangkalan, the western part of Madura Island, only about 30-45 minutes’ drive from the city center of Surabaya. As you may have known, there is a bridge connecting Surabaya to Madura Island, that the access to the lighthouse is easier for your short visit to Surabaya.

There are two lighthouses  in Madura Island, the other one is located in Sumenep area. The lighthouse still functions well today even though it was built in the 19th Century, in the year of 1879 by ZM Willem III. As we may have known the lighthouse is not so necessary like in the past due to the GPS technology.

The lighthouse opens for visitors. Visitors can take photo from outside the lighthouse and also can enter the lighthouse and climb to the peak . The lighthouse is 65 meters high and it has 17th floor. From above you visitors can see the view of Madura Strait, view of mangrove located in the vicinity.

From above we can see why the lighthouse was paramount in the past. It navigated dangerous spots such as corals and it controls the traffic of ships from Tanjung  Perak Port of Surabaya.