Part 1: Farming was Firstly Invented in Java (Java, Indonesia Atlantis)

I was and amazed to read this in a book written by Prof. Arysio Santos: Atlantis the Lost Continent Finally Found.  Here he  concludes that farming was firstly evolved in Java (read:  Atlantis). Below is the summary from his book.

Diodorus, a Greek historian wrote that confusingly, “Corn (wheat) was not recognized by Atlantis people.” This information is interesting though it is strange. Atlantis people is known as the founder of farming, which according to most experts initially invented in Near East with grains  or cereals such as wheat, etc.

Yet if we examine closely, now revealed that the first grain cultivated was rice. Recently found that farming began in Far East (China and India) in 15,000 years ago or more.

Dorian Fuller of University College London said that people were using rice earlier than this founding.

This calendar was achieved by a Chinese researchers from grains of rice found in a sacrificial store room, in a popular archaeological site (Yangtze River) . Therefore, this research result unquestionable and acknowledged by whoever have enough knowledge about this matter.

Moreover, the grains were not determined by radiocarbon by Chinese labs, but also labs in western countries which is universally acknowledged.

Like it or not, we should start with the reality, that farming was not invented in Near East as most experts stated, but in the Far East, as it was practiced earlier.

This archaeological findings also eliminates locations like Europe and Levenant where wheat and barley are the main crops. In the western parts, rice farming was recognized later, when it was introduced from east.

Marco Polo said that he was surprised that people from East Asia did not recognize wheat farming, instead they plant rice paddy. And the reason is understandable.

Rice is tropical areas products. This fact confirms the tropicality of Atlantis, as mentioned by Plato and Deodorus. Moreover, ‘rice’ derives from Dravida language, ‘arici’, proves that grains in the world came from India. Even, ‘cereal’ derives from Dravida language, ‘sarici’.

Why this plant has Indian name if its origin is from somewhere else. Dravida is also the origin of other words like oryza (Latin), oruza (Greek), riz (French), arroz (Portuguese), rice (English), and ruz (Arabic).

SO, though Atlantis did not recognize wheat, as mentioned by Diodorus, they had abundant rice and other tropical products as written by Plato. And as the name derives from Dravida (India), not just the plant, but the farming culture came from India.

Though the calendar is very old, yet it is possible that sample of grains from China, Korea, Vietnam and India are not the oldest in the world.  The sites seem to be secondary gene centers imported paddy and probably with the cultivation of other plants such as banana, coconut, pineapple and etc from the real source. The real spread if far earlier than that, which is big possibility located in Atlantis.

According to this book, Atlantis is located in Indonesia. The writer gave in-depth explanation about this. Also that Atlantis was rich of minerals, farm lands, mountains known as paradise. According to calendar, in the period of Atlantis, the world was in Ice Age. That is was impossible for other areas which are not located in equator to have such a paradise qualities. And it was destroyed by universal disaster, which was caused by volcanic activity, eruption of Mt Toba and later also Mt Krakatau. This massive explosion created huge tsunami and ended the ice age and universal flood and increased the sea level about 130 m. The survives then diffuse to other areas, such as China, South East Asia, America, Near East, Europe, India, etc. And in their new place they recreated the cultivation.

Below is picture of map based on the detailed geophysical reconstruction of the sea-bottoms in the region in question, and portrays the areas of depth under 100 meters, which were clearly exposed during the Ice Age, when sea level dropped by that amount and even more. (Picture by


Sanskrit word for rice is java or yava, which is same as the name of Java Island in Indonesia. This name is also same with term of white-ski n race in India holy language, Yavana. From this term also name of people of Greece or Ionia, also Javan, the name of son of Japheth comes from.

This ethnonym is spelled with Iarones according to Homer, which is from India. This fact proves that Greek or Javana came from Far East.

According to Greek tradition, Atlas the Titan is considered as son of Iapetos, also other titans like Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Hesperus. Iapetos is considered as the ancestor, through Prometheus and Deucalion, their Flood Hero and son of Prometheus.

According to the Bible (Genesis, 10:2; Jer.00; Eze.27:13), Javan and its brother dwelled in the islands of gentiles. These mysterious islands seem to be the paradise islands, including Java.

Main source: Atlantis The Lost Continent Finally Found by Prof. Arysio Santos
Other Source :
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