Cookies and Snacks from Surabaya

Bunarendang is rice and rending (beef) served like burger. Two mold of rice with beef in the middle.The taste is a mix of rending with sauce and soya sauce. You can find it in Manyar area, Sakinah Swalayan ITS, Dukuh Kupang, and Literature Faculty UNAIR. For delivery order just call: 031-91403748

Spikoe Livana
This spikue is made since 1967, with same recipe. The cake has 2 colors, yellow and brown with 3 layers. On every layers had jam which makes the taste so nice. There are various variant of this spikue: Original, Kenari, Cokelat Manis, Kismis, 4 Layers, Roll Tart pandan, and Roll Tart Mocca.

Beef Abon Padmosusastro
Along Padmosusastro St you can find this yummy shredded beef. There are two different tastes: sweet and spicy. You can the cooking process. Abon is home industry and locals use the living room as kitchen.Abon Padmosusastro has been popular to shop abon, whether to be consumed or resold.

Siropen Telasih
Siropen syrup can be an alternative gifts to bring back home for anyone who visit Surabaya. The syrups has view tastes: lechi, cocopandan, orange and few more. The syrup made of sugar, no Sodium Glutamat, that it is healthy enough for children and adults. Siropen factory was built in 1923 by JV Van Drangelen, the first syrup factory in Indonesia.

Bikang Peneleh
Bikang is a colorful cake with very nice smell. There are chocolate and pandan bikang. In Peneleh St you can see bikang making process. Other delicious cookie you can find is special kue lumpur with tasteful inside made of chicken, coconut, durian, and raisins. Klepon, Lupis, Klenting, Lumpia, Risoles and Madurese porridge. Opens from 6 am to 7 pm.

Kerupuk Kenjeran
Kenjeran is popular for its fish chips. There are various chips here, which are made of sea cucumbers, sea eggplant. You can also find chips made of carp fish skin chips. In Kenjeran you can see the making process from drying the fish in the sun until the frying process.

Soya Sauce , Jeruk Pecel Tulen Brand
This soya sauce factory was built in 1937 by Hwan Kieng Hien, after second generation, Hwan Hong Piek and Hwang Hong Poen, the business evolves as they pioneered a tagline ‘Kita Tangngung Kalau Tidak Enak Boleh Kirim Kembali’ (‘We guarantee, if it does not taste nice, can be returned”). Not it is run by the 3rd generation and still using the same ingredients.

Mangrove pasta and mangrove syrup
Mangrove pasta is made of sonneratia, one of mangrove specieses. The pasta tastes sweet, packed in banana tree leaf for only Rp.10.000. Mangrove syrup is rich of Vitamin A, C, Iodium and amti-oxidant.

Guna Guna Snack
There are various tastes of the potato chips such as hot spicy, sweet spicy. Also dragon fruit chips, fried meat ball, samosa and more.

Frozzie Frozen Brownies
The brownies offers 3 sensations: compact texture of American brownies, thick chocolate taste, and the cold ice cream sensation. Varians: Premium Choco, Banana Cheese, Streusel Blueberry, Mix Nut. This brownies does not contain preservative as the sugar and chocolate ingredients can preserve the brownies naturally. Frozzie can still be consume after 10 days outside freezer and 3 months in the freezer.