Rafflesia zollingeriana Kds

Rafflesia zollingeriana Kds. is one of rafflesia flowers which grows endemicly on the eastern part of Java, and now can only be found in Meru Betiri National Park.

Rafflesia zollingeriana is included to protected species according to Peraturan Pemerintah (PP) No. 7 year 1999 about Pengawetan Jenis Tumbuhan dan Satwa. International Union Conservation Nature (IUCN) categorized this flower as endangered.

Rafflesia zollingeriana diameter is 35 t0 45 cm and firstly found by Koorders in 1902 in Puger, Jember. This flower can grow on tree of Tetrastigma lanceolarium and Tetrastigma papillosum.