Kawah (Crater) Candradimuka, Central Java, Indonesia

This crater is also located in Dieng Plateau, central Java, Indoensia. This crater appeared after the explosion of Gunung Pagerkandang. The temperature of the crater ranges from 192 deg to 85 deg Celsius. According to local legend, this crater was the crater where Gatotkaca, a character in Javanese Mahabharata, should be trained, he was boiled in the crater to be powerful man. Gatotkaca is popular as knight with wire-like vein, iron-like bones, rubber-like skin, needle-like hair, and his eye vision is like lightening. After he is powerful enough, he is sent to Jonggring Salaka, as giants attack Jonggring Salaka or heaven as they are unsatisfied with gods. The giants are led by Prabu Percona, and his commander Kala Sakipu. They both are killed by Gatotkaca.