Hutan (Forest) Wanagawa, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Wanagama, derives from wana means forest and gama acronym from Gajah Mada, is a forest covering 600 Ha in Gunung Kidul. Wanagama covers 4 villages : Patuk District and Playen District. This forest was pioneered in 1964, done voluntarily by┬áProf. Oemi Hani’in Suseno with his private money.

This forest has 550 plants such as accacia, pines, ebony, teak and many more. One of the teak was planted by Prince Charleswhen he visited in 1989. The forest is the home of monkeys and various poultry.

The forest can accomodate various acivitoes such as event or camping. There is a hall which can be used for meeting. Toilet, electricity and security are provided here. Three rivers flow through the forest, they are Oya, sendang Ayu and Banyu Tibo river. The river supply local water need.