Candi (temple) Penampehan, Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia

This temple is located in the middle of tea plantation, on slope of Mt Wilis, Tulungagung This site is punden berundak (terraces shrine). On the first terrace (bottom) there is an altar arranged from andesit blocks of 5m x 2.5 m x 1.5 m. On the altar there was an inscription made of andesit bloskk from 820 Saka. And there are two male statues as ganesha statues, two female statues and a rock ball.

On the second terrace there is a fence of andesit blocks leads to entrance located in the middle of the 3rd terrace, the highest one. There are 3 buildings here, the first one is located in the middle of the terrace, right in front of entrance, a rectangle andesit blocks and red brickthe size is  9,70 m x 4,90 m x 1,10 m. This building shape is like turtle made of andesit block and top of the turtle there is an inscription from date back 1382 Saka and a female statue 1116 Saka. On the lefr of the main terrace there is a square building.

The perwara building is made of red brick and not intact anymore only the panels on the lower part can still be seen delineates fabel about 2 elephant reliefs plowing sawah.