Pararaton (Part 5)

Pararaton Chapter 3

Apanji Tohjaya became king of Tumapel. Sang Anusapati had a son, Ranggawuni, he is nephew of Apanji Tohjaya. Mahisa Wonga Teleng, brother of Apanji Tohjaya, same father and different mother, has a son Mahisa Campaka, he was also Apanjo Tohjaya’s nephew.

When Apanji Tohjaya was on throne, witnessed by many people, in front of ministers, especially Pranajaya, Ranggawuni and Kebo Bampak were making formal appearance. Apanji Tohjaya said ; Hi, all ministers, especially Pranajaya, look at these nephews of mine, amazingly nice, handsome and nice body. How do my enemies from outside Tumapel look like, if compared to both, how are they, hey Pranaraja.’

Pranajaya answered while paying homage ‘True, my lord, as your words, they are handsome, both are brave, only my lord, they can be likened as boil in the center of stomach, will cause death in the end.’. The batara silences, Pranaraja words were felt deeper, Apanji Tohjaya then became angry, then called lembu Ampal, ordered to eliminate both nobles. Apanji Tohjaya said to Lembu Ampal ‘If you could not eliminate both knights, i will eliminate you’.

When Apanji Tohjaya gave order to Lembu AMpel to eliminate both nobles, there was a brahmana doing religious ceremony as palace priest for Apanji Tohjaya. Dang Hyang heard, that both nobles would be eliminated.  The brahmana had a pitiful feeling for both, then he told ‘Lembu AMpal was given an order to eliminate you both, if you could escape from Lembu Ampal, Lembu Ampal will be eliminated by Sri Maharaja.’ Both nobles said ‘Hey Dang Hyang, are not we innocent.’ The Brahmana said ‘It is better if you hide first’.

As they considered if the brahmana lied, then both noblemen went to Apanji Tohjaya. They said ‘Panji Patipati, we are hiding in your house, we thought, that we would be eliminated by batara, if it happens we are eliminated, we are innocent’. After Apanji patipati listened to them. ‘Gentlemen, it is true that you will be eliminated, Lembu Ampal had the assignment’ Both were hidden beter, was looked for, both could not be found. Listened well, where they went, could not be heard. Then Lembu Ampal was accused to have conspiration with both noblemen by batara. Now Lembu Ampal was the target of elimination, he ran, hid in the house of  Apanji Patipati neighbor

Lembu Ampal heard, that both noblement were in the house of Apanji Patipati. Lembu Ampal went to both noblemen, Lembu Ampal said to both noblemen ‘ I am under your protection, my sin was asked to eliminate you by batara. Now i asked to be sworn, if you do not believe, that i will serve you happily’.

After sworn, two days later Lembu Ampal, met both noblemen. ‘Hos is it? We are keep hiding, i better stab  Rajasa’s men, when they go to river’. In an afternoon, Lembu Ampal stabbed Rajasa’s man, when he screamed, he ran to Sinelir man. Rajasa man said ‘Sinelir man killed Rajasa man, and Sinelir men were fighting, killing eachother badly, separated by palace people, but did not pay attention. Apanji Tohjaya was angry, both groups were sentenced dead.

Lembu Ampal heard that both sides were eliminated, then Lembu Ampal went to Rajasa people. Lembu Ampal said ‘If you will be eliminated, you beter go to both noblemen, as both noblemen were still exist’. Rajasa people agreed ‘Well, take me to meet them, hey Lembu Ampal.’.

Then leader of Rajasa people was brought to meet both noblemen. The Rajasa said ‘My lord, please protect us, Rajasa, whatever you order, we can be sworn, if we are not serious, if we are not honest, how we serve”.  Also with Sinelir people, the leader was called, they agreed as with Rajasa people, later both sides are reconciled and sworn together. ‘This afternoon, you come here, and bring your friends, you rebel  and injure in the palace’. Sinelir and Rajasa people together excuse themselves.

Afternoon, people from both sides brought friends, together they meet both noblemen, they both welcomed them, then attacked the palace. Apanji Tohjaya was shocked, ran separated. After the chaos finsihed, he was searched by his men, carried and escaped to Katanglumbang. People carried him got his underwear off  ‘ Fix your underwear, as your behind is seen’ The cause why he was not long became king was because of the butt. AFter arriving in Lumbangkatang, he died, then a temple was built for him in Katanglumbang , he died in 1172 Saka.

Pararaton Chapter 4
later Ranggawuni became king, he and Mahisa Cempaka were likened as two dragon in one hole. Ranggawuni was coronation as Wisnuwardana, that was his name as king, Mahisa Campaka became Ratu Angabhaya, his coronation name was Batara Narasinga. They were in harmony  together, never separated. Batara Wisnuwardana built fortress in north of Canggu in 1193 Saka. He went to attack Mahibit, to eliminate Sang Lingganing pati.

The reason why Mahibit lost was because infiltration of Mahisa Bungalan. Sri Ranggawuni became king for 14 years, he died in 1194, and a temple was built in Jajagu. Mahisa Campaka died, and temple in Kumeper was built, part if the ash was put in Wudi Kucir temple.

Pararaton Chapter 5
Sri Ranggawuni lest a son, Sri Kertanegara, Mahisa Campaka left a son, raden WIjaya. Kertanegara became king, and his coronation name was Batara Siwabuda. There was his man, descendant of the oldest man in Nangka, name is Banyak Wide, called as Arya Wiraraja, seemed he was not trusted, to be fell, to be ordered to be adipati in Sungeneb, lived on the eastern of Madura.

The patih (prime minister), who was promoted to the kingdom throne, Mpu Raganata, this always gave advices for king’s safety, he was ignored by Sri Kertanegara, because of that Mpu Raganata then resigned as patih, replaces by Kebo Tengah Sang Apanji Aragani. Mpu Raganata then became adiyaksa in Tumapel. When Sri Kertanegara ruled, eliminated a wanderer, named Baya. After the wanderer died, he gave an order to his people, to attack Malaya.

Apanji Aragani dropped, until Tuban he returned, arriving in Timapel, Sang Apanji Aragani present foods everyday, King Kertanegara had fun. There was a conflict with Jaya Katong, king of Daha, this man became the enemy of Kertanegara, as he was careless about enemy’s effort who was looking for an opportunity and perfect time, he did not think about the mistakes. Banyak WIde was 40 years old when Malaya attack happened, he mad friendship with Jaya Katong, Banyak Wide whose title was Arya Wiraraja was from Madura, made a relations and sending representatives.

The letter was ‘My Lord, your patih pay homage to the king, if the king intended to hunt on the old field, shall you hunt now, accuracy and opportunuty are very good, no danger, no tigers, no bantengs, and the snames, the spikes, there are tigers, but no teeth. ‘ Old patih Raganata was called as tiger without teethes  as he was old.

Now king Jaya Katong went to attack Tumapel. His soldiers came from north of Tumapel consists of bad guys, flags and full of noice, north of Tumapel was destroyed, they who resisted were injured. Daha’s soldiers passed north route stopped in Memeling. Batara Siwa Buda always drank liquor was informed that it was attacked from Daha, he did not believe, always said ‘How can King Jaya Katong did that to us, was not he good to us.’

After injured man was brought, he just believed. Now Raden Wijaya was appointed to battle against troops from north of Tumapel, accompanied by well known arya: Banyak Kapuk, Rangga Lawe, Pedang Sora, Dangdi Gajah pangon, Wiraraja’s son; Nambi, Peteng and Wirot, all good knights, against Daha troop on the north, hunted by Raden Wijaya.

Then went in big soldiers from Daha came from the bank of Aksa river, heading for Lawor, they were now allowed to make noisy, did not bring flag, moreover instrument, arriving in Sidabawana right away head to Singasari. The main soldiers from south Daha were: patih Daha Kebo Mundarang, Pudot, Bowong. When batara siwa buda was drinking liquor with patih, he was defeated, everyone died, Kebo Tengah took revenge, died in Manguntur.