Pararaton (Part 2)

The content of Pararaton, the Book of Kings
God, the Creator, the Protector, and Who-End-The-World, hoping there is no obstacle, i bow as perfect as possible.

Pararaton Chapter 1
This is the story of Ken Angrok. His origin was human. The son of a widow in Jiput, with bad attitude, cutting off moralty rein, disturbing fairy Hyang, he went from Jiput and fleed to Bulalak.

The sovereign of Bulalak was Mpu Tapawangkeng.Tapawangkeng said ‘ There is no way of thought, that finally this will make me fell to sin, if i killed a man, there is no one could finish the red goat request’. And then the person who cut off the moralty rein said, he was willing to be the sacrifice, in order to be a mean to return to heaven of wisnu and incarnate in a noble birth, to the middle world again, that was his request.

Then he was blessed by Mpu Tapawangkeng, to be incarnate, granted the essence of his death and would enjoy the seven regions. After his death, he was used as a sacrifice by Mpu Tapawangkeng. After that, he flied to Wisnu heaven, and he asked to be reincarnated on the east of Kawi. Brahma took a look at who would be the couple. After that, a newly wed couple, loved each other, the man was Gajahpura and the woman was Ken Endok, they were farmers.

Ken Endok went to sawah, and brought food to her husband, who was Gadjahpara, the name is sawah she sent food was Ayuga, Ken Endok’s village was Pangkur. Brahma went down there, met Ken Endok, their meeting was at Lalaten farm, Brahma ask the wife to promise ‘ Do not meet your man anymore, if you do, he will die, and moreover will mix with my son, my son name is Ken ANgrok, he will rupe over Java’. Brahma then disappeared.

Ken Endok then went to sawah, met Gajahpara. Ken Endok said ‘ Brother Gajahpara, please understand, i was accompanied in a meeting with an invisible Hyang in Lalateng farm, he instrstructed me : do not sleep with your man anumore, will die your man, if he forced you to sleep with him, then will mix my son is. Then Gajahpara went home, arriving at home, Gajahpara asked Ken Endok to sleep, and would be accompanied in a meeting again. Ken Endok was reluctant to Gajahpara. ‘Alas, Gajahpara, my marriage with you is broken off, i am afraid of Sang Hyang. He does not allow me to be with you anymore.”. Gajahpara said ‘ Sister, how is it. what am i to do, i do mind if i have to dovorce with you, sister, my  property should be returned to me again” After that Ken Endok returned to Pangkur on the north, Gajahpara kept living in Campara on the south.

Before a week over, Gajahpara died, People said  ‘ The child in the womb in amazingly hot, not long after the divorce of parents followed by the death of the father’. Finally after the months complete, a boy was born, discarded on children cemetery by Ken Endok.

Later, there was a thief, his name was Lembong, lost in the children cemetery, seeing a flare of an object, Lembong came for it, and heard child cry, after approached by Lembong, the flare was really from that crying baby, Lembong took and brought the boy home.

Ken Endok heard that Lembong adapted a child,  Lembong’s friend told this news, about a child found in children cemetery, who was flaring at night. Ken Endok came to him and, it was her own child. Ken Endok said: ‘Brother Lembong, if you dont know who the child is, he is my child, Brother, if you want to know his origin, so : Brahma met me, do not you treat him not in noble manner, as can be likened, the child has two mothers and one father, it is like that’. lembong and his family loved more and happier, slowly the child was growing, Lembong took him to steal. After he was as old as shepherd, Ken Angrok lived in Pangkur. Finished all Ken Endok’s and Lembong belonging, finished gambled by Ken Angrok. Later he became a shepherd to the ruler in Lebak, herd a pair of cows, as time went by the cows disappeaed, the cows were rated 8 thousands by the ruler in Lebak, Ken Angrok was scolded by his parents ‘ O boy, we both would be the slaves, as long as you do not go anywhere, let us serve out, become slave of ruler of Lebak.’  Ken Angrok ignored them, He left both parents in Campara and Pangkur. Then Ken ANgrok went for sanctuary in Kapundungan, but the person he went for and asked for sanctuary  did not have sympathy.

There was a gambler of Saji from Karuman, Bango Samparan, lost in gambling with a bookies from Karuman, collected but could not pay the money, Bango Samparan left Karuman, and went to a sacred place Rabut Jalu, and heard a sound of the sky, ordered to return to Karuman again. ‘We have a child who will finish your debt, his name is Ken Angrok’. Bango Samparan left Rabut Jalu, walked in the night, and finally met a child, he matched with clues from Hyang, and it was Ken Angrok, he took him to Karuman, acknowledged as his child by Bango Samparan.

He went to gambling place, the bookies was met by Bango Samparan and challenged to gamble, the bookies lost, returned the loss of Bango Sampoaran, it was true the clue from Hyang, Bango Samparan went home, and Ken Angrok was taken home by Bango Samparan. Bango Samparan had two wife and they were sisters, his first wife wa Genuk Buntu, and young wife was Tirtaya. The children from young wife were Panji Bawuk, the middle was panji Kuncang, and the brother was Panji Kunal and panji Kenengkung, the youngest was a girl, Cucu Puranti. Ken Angrok was adopted by Genuk Buntu. He lived in Karuman for long time, but he could not accord with the Panjis, Ken Angrok wanted to leave Karuman. Then he went to Kapundungan and met a shepherd, son of Tuwan Sahaja, the oldest lord in Sangenggeng, Tuwan Tita, he is very close to Ken Angrok. Tuwan Tita and Ken ANgrok loved eachother, and later Ken Angrok lived with Tuwan Tita. Always together, Ken ANgrok and Tuwan Tita never part, they intended to know shape of alphabets, they went to a teacher in Sagenggeng, wanted to be a student so much, asking to be taught literature.

They were taught about shapes and knowledge about vowels and consonants alphabets, all changing of alphabets, also taught about sengkalan, detail about days, months, Saka year, days of six, days of seven, days of three, days of two, days of nine, and name of weeks.

Both Ken Angrok and Tuwan Tita were clever learning taught by the teacher. There were plants of the teacher, decorating the garden, it was a guava tree, which he planted himself. The fruits were many, it was dense as it was the season, it was treated well no one allowed to pick, no one had courage to pick the guava. The teacher said ‘ If the guava is rape, you can pick’. Ken Angrok wanted it, seeing the fruit, he dreamed the fruit. After night came when people slept tight, Ken Angro slept, bats were out of Ken Angrok cantle, flocked without ending, the whole night ate the guava of the teacher. In the morning the fruit were destroyed in the garden, became sad. The Teacher said to students ” Why were  the fruits destroyed?’ The assistant said ‘ Sir it was destroyed, because of bats’

Ken Angrok slept again on a south gazebo, nearby place of dry reed, in this place usually teacher weave roof. According to a vision, the teacher saw uncountable bats flocked , out of Ken Arok’s cantle, all bats ate the teacher’s guava, the teacher was confuse, as he was hopelessly got rid of the bats and ate his guava, he was angry. Ken Angrok was expelled by teacher, around midnight the teacher outcast him. Ken Angrok was aghast, staggeringly woke up and went out, and slept on the reed place  outside.

When the teacher saw him outsidem he saw there was a flare in the middle of bush, teacher was aghast thought it was a fire, after checked the flare was Ken Angrok, he was asked to wake up and return home, invited to sleep ih his house again, Ken Arok obeyed and went sleeping in the living room again. In the morning, he was allowed to pick the guava by the teacher, Ken Angrok was happy, said ‘I hope i will be someone, i will repay you’.

Overtime, Ken Angrok became mature, Shepherd with Tuwan Tita, built a small house, located on the east of Sagenggeng, in Sanja farm, to intercept  those who traffic on the street, with Tuwan Tita, his friend. There was a palm trappers in forest, from Kapundungan, had a beautiful daughter, went to go to forest, held by Ken ANgrok, accompanied in a meeting in forest, the forest name was Adiyuga. The longer Ken Angrok made violent, then he raped people passing the street, this was announced until Daha, that Ken Angrok did violent, then he was ordered to be eliminated by the local authority, who was akuwu, his name was Tunggul Ametung.