Pantai Puger, Jember, East Java, Indonesia

Puger beach is located 36 km northwest of Jember. The beach is also popular for its fish auction. Visitor can stroll along the beach to enjoy nice panorama. Annualy Larung Sesaji ritual is held on this beach as mean to thank God for the fish and prosperity. Next to Pantai Puger, there is another nice beach called Pantai Kucur. Pantai Kucur is the home of red monkey. According to locals, if anyone hurt the monkey, disaster will come.

Administratively Puger Beach is located in Puger Kulon, Puger, Jember. The best time to visit is during dry season. To reach Pantai Puger, you can drive via Rambipuji to Puger district. Visitors can rent fishermen boat to enjoy the beach. There are other nice spots to see here such as waterfall, rocks, cave located on hill which can be accessed by boat, which take 2 minutes boat ride, and the wave is always friendly here to cross.

Nice scenery of fishermen boats along the beach is very photogenic. They are colorful. On bad weather, usually fishermen do not sail as the Puger as the southern sea is too dangerous.

In 2008, Puger hosted international event of Surfing Exhibition.