Candi Menak Jinggo, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia

This temple is located i Ungah unggahan village, Trowulan. In the location there are andesit blocks, the remains in temple yard covering 2370 m2. This temple is also known as Sanddar Pamelengan as there was a woman statue with half fish body and a statue popular as Minak Jingga statue. This statue is now placed in Museum in Mojokerto. On Feb to Nov 1977 an excavation was undertaken and found 3 layers of old foundation.

Minak Jinggo and Damarwulan story is popular in Central Java, it is about Minak Jinggo who wants to marry Queen Kencana Wungu fron Majapahit. The queen rejected him as he was ugly face and behavior. The queen then undertakes contest, and whoever who could defeat Minak Jinggo would be given a prize. It was Damarwulan who could defeat Minak Jinggo.

There is Troloyo Cemetery in Trowulan recognized as the grave Kencana Wungu. But according to experts they are the graves of moslem in Majapahit period, from 1295-1457.

Not far from Troloyo, located a temple believed to be the grave of Minak Jinggo, from Majapahit period if seen from its decoration.