Candi Jawar, East Java, Indonesia

Jawar Temple is located on the southern slope of Mt Semeru, East Java, to worship Hyang Pasupati. According to various source this temple was found by local in early 1980s. It said that this temple was used by ascetics, spiritual figures, kings including Raden Wijaya to worship God.

This temple is a building with 5 pillars. On its terrace there are 12 pillar pedestals that according to locals, they was carved with elephant decoration. Candi Jawar was possible a hall or pendopo agung where priests or kings discuss and prayed for Nusantara to Hyang Pasupati who was believed to reside on top of Mt Semeru. This view is related to location of Candi Jawar facing west to the sun rise and southwest facing Semeru peak.

There is also a site not far from the temple believed as former site of  Mbah Wali, the temple caretaker and a spring located 1 km from the temple.