Cheng Ho Mosque, Pandaan, Pasuruan, East Java

Cheng Ho Mosque in Pandaan is one of 3 Cheng Ho Mosque in Indonesia. The other two are in Palembang and Surabaya. Different than the other two mosques that were built for the initiatives of elders and advisers of PITI (Indonesia Chinese Moslem Association),  this mosque was built by the cost of Pasuruan Govt.

This mosque has become a new icon of Pasuruan tourism. The mosque is located next to Mainroad Malang-Surabaya-Trawas-Tretes, in East Java. The location is a suitable for rest from long drive, that now located next to the mosque visitors can browse special foods from East Java.

The mosque construction began in 2003 and used for the first time for sholat tarawih in 23 September 2006 (Ramadhan 1427 H), and officially opened in 27 June 2008 bu Pasuruan Regent, Jusbakir Aldjufri, who was the initiator of the mosque.

The mosque was built in pagoda design, resembles to Chinese temple, where Tridharma followers pray. This was aimed to show universality of Islam, and that Islam is rahmatan lil alamin (Blessing for The universe), and does not recognize nationalities, ethnics, country, and so on. Though this mosque has Chinese style, this can be used to pray by all moslem.

Cheng Ho mosque architecturally adopts Cheng Ho Mosque in Surabaya. The lowest floor is used for meeting room and can be hired for events. The second floor is used to pray with size of 50 x 50 m.

Masjid Cheng Ho Pandaan Exclusive Photos

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