Masjid Turen: A Mesmerizing Persian Style Pondok Pesantren in Malang, East Java, Indonesia

This beautiful building is located in Jalan Wahid Hasyim, Gang Anggur, Desa Sananrejo, Kecamatan Turen, Kabupaten Malang. Approximately 25 km from Malang city. The trip can be slow when sugar cane harvest comes as the road will be full of trucks transporting sugar cane to Krebet Baru sugar factory, in Bululawang.

Actually this building is not a mosque entirely, but it is a moslem boarding school (Pondok Pesantren) Salafiah Bihaaru Bahri Asali Fadlaailir Rahmah (Bi Ba’a Fadlrah) means ocean of honey. This school building was built in 1963 by Romo Kiai Haji Ahmad Bahru Mafdlaluddin Shaleh Al-Mahbub Rahmat Alam, or Romo Kyai Ahmad.

Before entering the building visitors should report first and school student will guide them to the compound. Main building has 10 floors, floor 1 to floor 4 are used as school, floor 6 for family room and floor 5,7,8 there are stores.  Since 1978, santri or students settle there and the construction started in humble construction until 1993. After that the construction halted. And in 1998 and 1999 the construction started again.

The design of this building is very serious, detail. The architect of this building is not a profesional architect graduated from a prominent university but as the result of prayer (istikharah) by Kiai Ahmad. The source said that he did not know when the construction process over, they may add a new building or even remove parts , depends of the istikharah of Kiai Ahmad. Maybe visitors will have a question in their mind why using lots of funds to build this building, while giving the fund to the poor will be very useful. The source said that giving money to the poor perhaps will be gone for meals, but using the money to buy material and make a nice building will touch people hearts as written by visitors comments about this building.

Since 1978, Kiai AHmad, the student of Kiai Sahlan in Sidoarjo chose Turen to establish a school. SInce then, helped by his students, Kiai Ahmad start to build the school. No wonder of his students also have skill specialist. Students construct the building using simple equipment only. The long duration of construction since 1978 until today that never finishes shows patience and sincerity. Every detail ornaments is made patiently and carefully. This is not an easy job, and not a job to get salary. Only sincerity the reason for then to do the work.

Every 17 August, or in thanksgiving day, the compound is decorated with long red and white flag.

On the main gate, visitors will meet two giant orange and blue Chinese ceramics. On the right side there is a garden with Persian style.

On the first floor after entering the main entrance, passing a tunnel with rich of ornaments. The ornaments resembles to batik with leaf and floral motives. Also enrich with kaligraphy ornaments. In one of the floors, there are rooms similar to cave, these rooms are full of stones and lamp light the the room. There are also aquarium  with various fishes.

The more it is explored, the more beauty we will find. There is a pool with beautiful boat, suitable for pre-wed. There is also a small zoo where deers and few birds live.

This building is not built by a will but by wisdom by prayers, the source said.

Pondok Pesantren Turen Exclusive Photos

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