Siropen: Yesteryear Syrup Drink Which Remains Exist

Surabaya has a legendary syrup which exists since1923, and founded by JC Van Drongelen. This factory is the first syrup factory in Indonesia, In 1942, when Japanese occupied Indonesia, it was under Japanese. And after Japanese lost in war, Dutch took over the factory, until 1958 when all Dutch companies should be handed down to Indonesia. In 1962 it became PD Aneka Pangan and in 2002, became part of PT Pabrik Es Wira Jatim.

The factory is located nearby China Town of Surabaya, and it uses the original building in 1923.

Syrup is processed in manual way to keep the original quality. This syrup is made of sugar and there are various taste: rose, frambosen, vanili, cocopandan, jeruk keprok, lychee, arbei and melon.

Now this syrup can be bought as token to bring back home, and packed with interesting box.

Siropen Factory Exclusive Photos

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