Hindu Temple found on Gunung Prau (Mr Prau), Dieng, Central Java, Indonesia

Igir mranak is a village located in Kejajar district, Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia. Igirmranak derives from igir means hills and mranak means a tree name that grew when the village was established as there are many mranak tree, so the village was called as igirmranak village. Mranak tree is species of tree that if it is decomposed, mushroom will overgrown on it. The mushroom tastes better than the other and estimated that this village was established in 1825 to 1830 in Diponegoro war period. The village is located on 2.215 m asl, the temperature is 14 to 22 degrees, covering 109,862  Ha and the inhabitants are around 715, located 4 km from its district and 21 km from Wonosobo city.

The temples parts were found by locals that seek for herb as their occupation. They found carved stone and dome shape when they explored Gunung Prau. They dug the dome that was partly buried by soil and they found that it was temple. They went home and told their neighbors. Locals then tried to dig the site but they quit when it was soaked by water, as they were afraid that if they continue will bring bad luck to locals. Remains found in this site were 2kemuncak and 1 yoni.

Currently the yoni is kept and treated as sacred stone.