Gunung Tidar Magelang

In Magelang, Central Java, there is a hill located in the middle of city, with 600 m height, Mt Tidar. There are few versions of Tidar legend. But the name derives from Mati and Modar. Because of the ghostly this mountain was, if someone visited the mountain, he would die (mati or modar).

The entrance to Mt Tidar is Magersari, and it takes only 30 minutes to hike. Generally, Mt Tidar is pristine and overgrown with pines and salak trees that were planted in 1960s. Grave of Syaikh Subakir is on the climbing route. According to legend, He was from Turki and arrived in Tidar to propagate Islam. Not far from the grave,  there is a 7 meters grave, the grave of Kyai Sepanjang. Kyai Sepanjang was not a person, but Syaikh Subakit spear to defeat goblin lived in Tidar in that period. Further, there is a vast enough open space where stands a monument with Sa latter of Javanese. Sa derives from Sapa Salah Seleh (whoever did something wrong will be revealed). This monument is believed to be the spike of Java Island that makes Java is calm and secure condition. The last site here is Kyai Semar grave. Kyai Semar was goblin lived in Tidar.

Gunung Tidar is interesting place to visit, beside having many pilgrimage site, the nature is supporting. Visitors can see scenery from Mt Tidar on View Shelter.

Mt Tidar is also used as military exercise ground by Indonesia Army Military Academy located in Magelang.